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Basic Survival - Bug Out Bag Essential - Medical Handbook

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The Special Operations Forces Medical Handbook

An extremely important book to have in your Bug Out Bag.

For those who have not read my article on the importance of a Bug Out Bag:

This is the one put out by the U.S. Department of Defense.

It costs a little over $11.00 at Amazon.

There are other books...
of the same or similar name.

One costs more than 5 times as much.

I bought this one...it is a MUST HAVE.

This book is over 800 pages of extremely useful information.

It is a compilation of medical procedures from diagnosis through treatment...
even preventative, as well as after care...
as submitted from some of the top medical doctors 
from all of the branches of the U.S. Military.

It was originally designed as the handbook for 
U.S. Special Forces Medics.

They had to be able to handle medical emergencies with
what they carried, by what they could get...
even by what they could improvise
(for instance...it is a relatively simple matter to devise an emergency
hyperbaric chamber with many common items).

Although they list medications and methods commonly used 
by trained medical staff...
the terminology is common to most everyone.

Even were someone not able to understand much of this book...
the value lies in having it to be able to use it as an emergency reference...
to learn what to prepare for when venturing in certain terrains or conditions...
and, to be able to give to even moderately trained medical personnel as their guide
in an emergency situation should you need treatment
(Nurses, EMTs, Paramedics, Former Combat Medics...etc.).

Many of the procedures can be done by untrained personnel by following
their extremely organized and concise descriptions of them.

This book, besides being extremely informative...
 is a very interesting read.

This book covers about everything you could think of concerning
the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of...
Various Medical Emergencies...
Dental Issues...
and yes...
even basic Veterinary Medicine.

Some of the specialized information given in this handbook...
even of which many doctors are unaware how to adequately treat ...
involve maladies from extreme enviornmental exposure
(pressure extremes from Diving, or High Altitude...
Radiological, Chemical or Biological exposure...etc.).

Now for a very basic breakdown of this magnificent book:

Part 1:

Operational Issues

This includes emergency triage and the preparation of the injured for evacuation.

It also gives basic diagrams in the setup of an improvised
emergency helicopter landing zone.

While this may not seem important...
you must remember, non-specific rescue helicopters
usually are not equipped with any specialized extraction equipment.

In the event of needing rescue from an area which prohibits the touchdown
of a helicopter...such as mountain ridges...heavily forested areas...etc...
this will give you an idea of what type of terrain to keep in mind as an emergency
extraction point...so you may preplan them on your map while hiking...
or a place to establish your base camp.

An emergency helicopter landing zone set up will be seen from far away...
and will allow rescue to be far more assured
(especially when a universal - in need of rescue - sign made of rocks
or other visible material is also placed on it).

Part 2:

Clinical Process

Medical History and Physical Examination

"Efficient, focused, problem-oriented medical care is the goal of the 
Special Forces Medic.  The S-O-A-P note format is a primary tool
used to efficiently organize a concise, focused, problem-oriented
medical examination and treatment plan."

This format is how each injury, illness, or malady is described
and how an appropriate medical strategy is applied.

S:  Subjective - Patient Complaint

     O:  Objective - Physical Exam / Tests

                                   A:  Assessment - Defined and prioritized list of problems

       P:  Plan - Management and Treatment

This format is what makes this handbook so easy to understand and apply...
even for a person with no previous medical knowledge.

Part 3:

General Symptoms

This is an A through Z description of the most common
injuries, diseases, or maladies in the S.O.A.P. format.

Part 4:

Organ Systems

This is S.O.A.P. formatted by body category.

Chapter 1 - Cardiac / Circulatory

Chapter 2 - Blood

Chapter 3 -  Respiratory

Chapter 4 - Endocrine

Chapter 5 - Neurologic

Chapter 6 - Skin

Chapter 7 - Gastrointestinal

Chapter 8 - Genitourinary

Part 5:

Specialty areas

Chapter 9 - Podiatry

Chapter 10 - Dentistry

Chapter 11 - Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Chapter 12 - Infectious Diseases

Chapter 13 - Preventative Medicine

Chapter 14 - Veterinary Medicine

Chapter 15 - Pediatrics

Chapter 16 - Human Nutritional Disorders

Chapter 17 - Toxicology

Chapter 18 - Mental Health

Chapter 19 - Anesthesia

Part 6

Operational Environment

Chapter 20 - Dive Medicine

Chapter 21 - Aerospace Medicine

Chapter 22 - High Altitude Illness

Chapter 23 - Cold Illness and Injuries

Chapter 24 - Heat Related Illnesses

Chapter 25 - Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Injuries

Part 7


Chapter 26 - Trauma Assessment

Chapter 27 - Shock

Chapter 28 - Bites, Animal and Human

Chapter 29 - Burns, Blasts, Lightning and Electrical Injuries

Part 8


Chapter 30 - Basic Medical Skills

Chapter 31 - Nursing Procedures

Chapter 32 - Laboratory Procedures

Should ever an occasion necessitate the usage of the Bug Out Bag...
this Handbook is simply a must to have with you.

With it...
you will be surprised at what treatment you will be able to give
in the event of a medical emergency... with a minimum of equipment
(hopefully already stocked in your Bug Out Bag)
or by what you may improvise with what you can get.

The most valuable aspect of this Handbook is in the
 arming of you with the knowledge of how to quickly navigate from a symptom
to a viable treatment plan using this book...
in a very efficient and effective manner.

With the ability to have such a valuable resource...
and at just over $11.00...
there is simply no excuse to not get a copy.

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