Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Alex's Steady Improvement In His SAT Practice Test Scores

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Although we have both Kaplan and College Board SAT practice test books...
we have found the College Board test books to be 
more aligned with the actual tests than is Kaplan.

We are using both as material, to not only gauge Alex's improvement...
but to extract essay and discussion material for my debates with Alex 
(momma has just bought a lot more books for us to use also).

These are the results from Alex's last SAT practice test
(he had taken this test a couple of days ago).

Although this is spring break...
Alex still studies everyday...even on days we go fishing or skiing.
Alex gets up early and studies...and when we come back...he finishes up.

As this is Kaplan's test...
we are using it to gauge Alex's improvement over time...
as we had initially used Kaplan exclusively early last year.

Alex also uses the College Board SAT books.

Alex's main area of improvement has come in his reading comprehension...
and in his writing scores.

We are going to see how accurate these practice test scores reflect
the real SAT scores on his SAT coming up in a few weeks.

Alex looks forward to taking a real SAT a couple of times a year.

He loves seeing how much he has improved under real testing conditions.
It is such a treat for him, and for us, to see a payoff in scores for his 
many hours of studying.

This gives him even more incentive to study well throughout the year.

Of course...
we are not just having Alex learn the SATs just to 
be able to test well.

We use the practice and real test scores to tell us in which areas he needs more practice.

We will then use various other texts and alter our lesson plans to 
fit the areas we wish to improve in him.

Alex is, at this moment, studying his SAT vocabulary using his iPad.

Alex five years ago...
at the Exploratorium in San Francisco...
just one of the many hands on type of museums in which we try to expose him.

We try to expose Alex to as many examples of applied science
as possible.  I also stress his observational and reasoning skills
whenever we go out. 

Again, we are not having Alex learn to just regurgitate information.
We have him learn concepts so he may apply them in real life.

Alex finished up an outline for another Comparative Analysis 
he is doing for his Social Studies class earlier today
(he fears some of the other children in his class 
are going to try to break his record over Spring Break...
for the most reports done :)

As a Father...
I cannot help but absolutely love his competitive spirit.


  1. Ha, I think if another student did break Alex's record, Alex would immediately do ten more reports that night. :)

  2. I think he would certainly try. :). Alex loves working toward a goal. He loves the feeling of accomplishment. This is one of the great side effects of positive reinforcement...not only objective accomplishment...but an instilling of an inner drive to achieve.


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