Thursday, April 11, 2013

Alex Fishing At Pyramid Lake / Alex's Restaurant Review

Song:  Give Me Love

Artist:  George Harrison

Upon our arrival at Pyramid Lake.

We first tried casting...over...

and over....

and over...

and over.

At Pyramid Lake...
you can only fish for Trout with barbless lures.
You may also only keep Trout 17" - 20" and over 24".

The limit is two trout per person...
with only one being over 24" in length.

We had nothing to worry about  :)

We eventually switched to bobber fishing.

Alex ran up and down the shore line...
just because :)

Every so often we would recast the bobber.

Alex is washing his hands after playing in the sand.

Just on the other side of us...
people were enjoying a campfire.

It only costs $9.00 per night for a camping permit.

We will camp here next time...
and spend a lot more time fishing.

We are heading home after our two hour fishing experience.

I know...
two hours...
and no fish...
no wonder we hadn't caught anything :)

We are less than 30 minutes from home here.

There is a cattle ranch just 20 minutes outside of Reno.

We are nearing Reno here. 
 Mount. Rose is visible in the background.

As we had no fish to grill...
we settled for our back up plan...
Naan and Kabab.

This is one of our favorite restaurants.
It has delicious Mediterranean food.

Alex always orders the Salmon Kabab.

I usually get the Gyro:  Kabab Koobideh...
along with the appetizer:  Cilantro - Jalapeño Hummus.

As Alex usually doesn't eat desert unless we eat out...
he had a Persian Chocolate cake.

Naan and Kabab is on the main strip just opposite the Peppermill Casino.

We are going back home after another absolutely delicious meal there.

Alex also loves this restaurant...
he had written a review on it after we had gotten home.

I will be including it with my review of this excellent restaurant on Yelp.

Alex will be posting his review under Alex T.

This is what he had written...
he did a very good job!

Alex loves writing reviews...
I will have him do more on other restaurants every so often.


  1. Alex did a superb job with his restaurant review. I had to smile when he wrote "the prices are perfectly reasonable, however, as a child, I really can't say much, as the money is not being taken from my bank account." :) Both of you have me drooling for Mediterranean food.

    I think you need to consult with a Yelp for fishing spots. :) Sometimes it is tough to get action fishing from shore. Is there any kind of outdoors shop where a local can give you tips on bait, location, time of day, etc.?

  2. I published his review for Naan and Kabab under Alex T. He will be doing other reviews in the future.

    I am going to have to do something in the future. Alex will soon get the idea that fishing is a boring affair...instead of realizing that his father is just a horrible fisherman...and I don't want him to think that either :)

    Our next fishing spot will be in a stream. I want him to know the four basic forms of fishing available to us (Bobber / Bottom / Casting / Stream/River Casting). I don't wish to get into Fly fishing or trolling from a boat yet...we can't even catch anything yet. However, when we cast and wait in the future...we will practice the flute or I will have him bring along a good book...just as boredom insurance :)

  3. Wow thank you so much! We are very grateful for you're business and the great review.

  4. We love Naan and Kabab. You have consistently earned the 5 star rating. You remain one of our favorite restaurants for all of the reasons listed.


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