Saturday, March 30, 2013

Four Initiative Assignments In One Week

Song:  Crimson Sky

Artist:  Brian Crain

Alex's Social Studies Teacher offers a way to earn extra
credit in his classes....initiative assignments.

Alex has always done these every quarter...
Alex's teacher made the slight error (earlier last week)...
of telling Alex that the current record for the number of completed
initiative assignments in one quarter was 5...
and that he would like Alex to beat that record
(his teacher doesn't realize that Alex is going to flood him
with completed assignments in a short period of time :)

Little did his teacher know...
Alex intends to set a record that will stand for a long time.

As Alex had already completed two of them when he had heard this...
he completed another four this last week.

Alex loves to try to beat records :)

Alex wants to, at least, double the last record.

Each assignment is generally 1 - 4 pages in length.

Alex just showed me his last four initiative assignments earlier today.

I will include them to give Home Schoolers ideas for assignments.

Alex completed this on Tuesday.

Alex had started this assignment at school...
in the library on Wednesday...
and had completed it at home that night.

Alex had completed these last two...
 last night before we went out to dinner.

And for Alex's last Initiative Assignment for the week...
Alex had composed a Sonnet using the designated time period.

I was very pleasantly surprised with Alex's creativity.

His teacher told him he could write about anything.

Alex said he just got the idea last night 
to do a Sonnet for one of his assignments.

He said he was reading an autobiography for one of his English assignments...
by the Author (Jerry Spinelli) - and in it...he had said how he had written some Sonnets.

This is what had given Alex his inspiration to write his own Sonnet...
and he just put this one together with a historical time period theme.

Alex is getting so much more at ease with writing assignments
(the key of repetition).

He is able to knock them out in a relatively short period of time...
all with no help from anyone else.

He is getting plenty of practice...
all of which will serve him well at University.

I am happy with his work...
but I am even happier with his initiative and drive.

These are what shall serve him well in life.


  1. Ha, love that Alex is so competitive. He sure is getting a lot of great practice with his writing, and has come a long way. So great that he came up with the idea to do a sonnet... he did a nice job!

  2. This was the first time he had written one. I was very surprised. I just love Alex's competitive spirit. At first it was so strong that it had almost become a hinderance. He was afraid to make not have everything perfect. Only when I got him to realize that mistakes identify the problem that needs rectification...and that it would make him stronger...and more importantly...that to not have made any mistakes means the person had not stepped out of his comfort zone and really pushed himself into tougher areas (stagnation)...that he started not fearing making mistakes...and truly started learning.


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