Friday, March 15, 2013

Another Alex Designed Test - Math Club

Song:  Fukaki Umi No Kanata

Artists:  Yoshida Brothers

Alex had given his fellow Math Club students a test...
one he had made to test the knowledge of the 
MATHCOUTS handbook he had earlier made for them.

He had handed the test out...
had them take it...
and they then started to grade them when the class ended.

Alex then stayed after school and graded all of the tests.

He will be issuing test B (easier) to all who had not passed test A.

Alex, of course, had first gotten permission from his teacher.

Alex is practicing being a Math Teacher.

He has been wanting to be one for many years now.

I've included Alex's test for Home Schoolers.

Alex loves creating lessons and tests.

He loves getting up in front of a class to teach.

He is, after all...
following his dream  :)

Alex at 7 years old.

He insisted that he go Trick or Treating as a Math Professor  :)

After Halloween ended for the night...
he had actually asked us...

"Why did everyone always ask me what I was supposed to be?
Couldn't they see I am a Math Professor?"  :)  :)  :)


  1. Ha, Alex was a very cute 7 year old math professor. So great that he is getting a chance to experience his dream.

    Did all of the Math Club students pass his exam?

  2. Actually, only his MATHCOUNTS top 8 partner had. I told Alex to make test B much easier. Alex will be administering test B on Monday. Most had only gotten half right.


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