Friday, March 22, 2013

Alex's School Ski Trip - First Time On A Ski Lift

Song:  The Crane

Artist:  David Lanz

Alex is much more confident in his skiing skills.

We arrived at Mt. Rose approximately 1 hour ahead of his school mates.

I wanted Alex to be able to enjoy many bunny hill ski runs before it got crowded
(Alex skied down the bunny hill 20 times before his classmates got there).

 The temperature was a perfect 38 degrees F...
the wind was almost nonexistent.

It was a beautiful day.

Many of the 7th graders in Alex's class were taking ski lessons.

Alex just continued skiing on the bunny hill in preparation for the ski lift 
to his first real ski slope (beginners hill).

Alex, and I, taking a break in the cafe
before he tackled his first ski lift and hill.

One of Alex's school teachers had taken Alex up on his first two runs.

She showed him how to properly board a ski lift.

She then accompanied Alex down on his first two ski runs.

This is Alex with his teacher on one of his ski runs.
She had actually taken some pictures of him skiing farther up the run.

Alex coming into the final stretch of his run.

Alex with a group from his school.
They are preparing for their final run of the day.

Alex did so well today.
He had lots of fun skiing.

In the future...
I will be accompanying him on all of his skiing adventures.
We are going to go on progressively more advanced runs together.

On the way home...
Alex said that he loved the feeling of acceleration...
and turning under speed.

He is going to really love the more advanced runs.

Alex showed great maturity on his runs.

He was neither timid...
nor was he reckless.

He only fell twice on this day...
one of them was a face plant near the end of one of his runs.

He got back up and continued skiing...
and lined up to go again.

This is the beginning of our more extensive
outdoor activity schedule.

We have plans for every season.

Hiking/Camping, Mountain Biking, and Fishing will take place 
this Summer through Fall.

Skiing will be our main activity Winter through Spring.

I shall continue to scout out new territory to explore.

To say no to the great outdoors...
is to say no to life.

We are going to enjoy as much of the many beautiful places...
right at our doorstep, as we can.

Alex has certainly earned every one of them.

Tomorrow, we will go shopping for fishing gear...
and we will look at mountain bikes
(it is always best to buy equipment off season).


  1. So nice to have a ski trip as a school outing. And how wonderful that Alex is already feeling comfortable on skis. Fishing season is just around the corner!

  2. Alex had a great time. He learned more quickly than I had thought he would have. Alex is looking forward to fishing this spring also. He has something to enjoy every season.


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