Thursday, March 28, 2013

Alex Using Statistics For A Presentation

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Alex has a Manga (Japanese Cartoonized)
book on Statistics.

This is an excellent book for advanced High Schoolers.

It is no nonsense and explains the essence of Statistics and how to apply it
using the Excel computer program.

Alex learned the basics of Statistics using this book

(I hadn't taken Statistics until University...
Alex has a better understanding of Statistics than I have ever had).

He finds Statistics interesting and useful in everyday life.

Alex recently gave another presentation to his Math Club class.

He had plotted the math tests he had administered to his class...
and had shown each class member's scores and their distribution as a class.

After Alex had graded his classmates' tests of his self designed math test...

he compiled and analyzed them using Statistical methods.

Alex then presented his findings to his class.

Although he used Statistical ranges to show how each student stood 
in the class...he graded on a Non - Floating Standard

(He did NOT grade on the curve...
I had long ago explained to Alex the STUPIDITY of such a practice).

Another step in the correct direction for Alex's dream...
to be a guide to others in the understanding of the world through Math.


  1. I think statistics can be fun, even for those who are not a math whiz. Great that Alex had an opportunity to talk about it with his class.

    Ha, I see that I wasn't the only one to think that test that Alex developed was difficult. :)

  2. I had to explain to Alex that The failure of the few is usually the fault of the students. However, the failure of the many means it is the fault of the teacher. For someone to be able to break down the complicated and make it stress concepts and understanding...that is the meaning of being a teacher. The results of a test is just as much a gauge of the teacher's abilities as much as it is of the student's. I think he is starting to understand this.

    1. Wise thoughts. I think that sometimes it is difficult for those who excel in a subject to be able to teach it to those who do not. It is hard for them to empathize and understand what makes it hard for others, and to communicate so others can learn. (For instance, the superstar athletes rarely make the best coaches in professional sports). This will be good experience for Alex to learn this.

  3. Yes, you are correct. As math is intuitive to Alex...he will really have to learn how not to assume it is also intuitive in others. He must stress the full understanding by not omitting the basics or concepts.


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