Friday, February 8, 2013

Alex's Self Generated Instructional Essay: Polynomials

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As I had said before in a previous article...
Alex had written this essay on Polynomials while he was sitting in one
of his Math classes.  He is taking Algebra and Geometry as review courses
in his school since he was previously home-schooled and the computer 
courses he had taken to learn them were not accepted for credit
(Although he had taken Algebra while in the 4th grade officially
by sending him to an advanced 7th and 8th grade class...
they never fully completed the text by the end of the year...
so Alex completed it on his own at home).

So... he is receiving credit for these courses while getting refreshed in both.

At home, he is working ahead with Calculus courses at the moment.
He breezes through his review courses at school...
and so, he often has free time in his Math classes at school.

Alex told me that he noticed many of his classmates were having trouble with
some mathematical concepts and, in this particular instance, with Polynomials.

So, while sitting in his Algebra class...
Alex thought to write an instructional essay on Polynomials...
and he then presented it to his teacher and asked if he could get extra credit for it :)

She looked it over and approved it for extra credit if he also presented it to his class
(he did... and got his extra credit).

Below is Alex's paper...
completely unedited by anyone.
This was all Alex's idea and original paper
(Alex was telling me about polynomials in the 3rd grade...
he loved explaining about his major interest...Math :)

Alex loves teaching others.  
He has always loved writing instructional papers.

His goal right now is to become a University Math Professor.

While his goals may change over time...
his love of teaching, I know, shall not.

Tomorrow is the Science Fair.
We will find out how Alex's Science project did.

if we are up to it (we are still recovering from the Flu)...
I would like to take Alex to the Northstar Snow Festival at Lake Tahoe.

Either way...
I should have photos of the Science Fair tomorrow.


  1. That is a pretty good explanation of polynomials. I'll have to remember this when it comes time to explaining it to my son. That is wonderful that he wanted to help explain the concept to his classmates, and that he did such a great job in doing so.

    Hope you all complete your recovery soon!

  2. Alex had a lot of fun doing this. I look forward to more of his essays.

    We are still under the weather...this Flu is a long lasting one.


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