Saturday, February 9, 2013

Alex's School's Science Fair

Song:  While My Guitar Gently Weeps

Group:  The Beatles

2013 Coral Academy Of Science - Science Fair

This was Alex's Life Science project:
(as detailed in earlier articles)

Visible Light Spectrum Separation and the Effects on Green Plant Growth

Alex's project didn't place in the Science Fair
(and so this song :)

when I had seen the projects which had placed....
I fully understood why.

When you see some of the ones which had won awards...
I think you will be amazed...  
I certainly was.

There is some tremendous talent in Alex's school.

We simply must step up our efforts for next year's Science Fair.

First of all...
the first place winner in Alex's category (Life Science) :

(I believe this was a High Schooler's project...
and almost certainly a future Molecular Biologist :)

It was titled:

Effects of Laminin Protein Therapy on Neuromuscular Junction Pathology
in a mouse model of Merosin Deficient Congenital (MDC1A) Muscular Dystrophy.  

The experiment...
even the layout of the presentation...
 was worthy of a professional.

How very impressive this experiment was.

Here were some other first place winners in other categories:

All were worthy of their placements...
and each had displayed tremendous effort given.

Alex has a field of very bright minds at his school.

We will have to devise a cutting edge experiment for Alex to conduct
if he is to be a worthy competitor for next year.

I think Alex will find Physics more to his liking...
we shall see.


  1. This was Alex's first science fair, and the winning projects were amazing. I'm sure Alex learned a lot from the experience and will do better next time.

  2. Although Alex had done well for his first science experiment...he shall definitely do much better in the future. Hopefully he will have a physics or mechanical science next year.


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