Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Alex's Imaginative Writing Assignment

Song:  Words Don't Come Easy

Rendition:  Calikokatspiano

This paper was created by Alex without the input, or editing, of anyone.

This was a Social Studies in-class assignment
(Alex had shown it to me for the first time today).

The students had to write their own Declaration of Independence
on the topic of their choosing while incorporating somewhere in the paper...
 all of a provided set of words (highlighted in the paper).

Alex had chosen one of his pet peeves as his topic.

Alex hates when other students misbehave in any fashion...
especially when it distracts others in the classroom...
or is in any way disrespectful to the teacher.

When Alex had shown it to me today...
I had to laugh at his topic  :)

I was then amazed by his imagination.

He had really put together a very good paper by using the 
format of the Declaration of Independence as a mirror for his own.

Alex's teacher told him that he had liked it so much
 that he had shown it to the other teachers
(Alex also got an extra 20% credit - 120 points out of 100)

Alex's paper made me laugh because he is like me...
when he doesn't like something...
he really doesn't like it  :)



I continue to be impressed by Alex's Social Studies teacher.
He has his students master important areas of history through 
the use of very imaginative assignments.

Alex has always loved using his imagination to create papers in his areas of interest.

Just as Alex had used the Declaration of Independence to mirror this paper...
we keep all of Alex's finished papers so he may use them in the future 
to mirror new papers using his own previously successful formats.


  1. Ha, love this! Very clever and well written. Alex's writing has come a long way.

    I am a bit surprised to learn that kids at his school misbehave. With all of their abilities and accomplishments, I had pictured rooms full of perfectly behaved kids.

  2. Alex has a high standard of behavior at school. If a child does not fully listen to the teacher or makes any noise in the classroom, he is being disrespectful. Although I agree with Alex...both of us have a very low tolerance for noise. In general, kids at his school are well behaved. I have noticed (at their assemblies) that the ones who make the most noise are high energy extroverts....and social butterflies. Alex is used to perfect silence at home, especially when he studies.


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