Monday, February 25, 2013

Alex's First American Regions Math League (ARML) Practice

Song:  Knights March

Composer:  Hans Zimmer

Alex at his first practice session for the Northern Nevada
American Regions Math League (ARML) Team.

The lady in the background is the leader and organizer of the team for Northern Nevada.

She has weekly 2 hour classes on Sunday.
They work on advanced math problems for the competition.

As this math competition is geared for advanced High School Math...
most of the competitors are mathematically gifted High School Students.

Alex, I believe, was the youngest one there
(although there were two others in Middle School there...
some of the High Schoolers were missing...
the Flu is still hitting this area hard).

She has a unique strategy.

She has been going to the math competitions and recruiting talented youths.

She wants to have a long range plan for her team.

As it is a 15 person competition team...
her strategy is to have the team divvy up the problems by difficulty...
with the middle schoolers taking the least difficult (relatively speaking)
problems which would then free up the High Schoolers to tackle the
more difficult math problems.

In doing so...
she hopes to bring up the strength of the middle schoolers for the long term.

She hopes to groom the middle schoolers into extremely strong
future High School competitors while still having them help out the team
in their timed performance.

More than half of the competitors are Davidson Academy students...
that says a lot.

Also, Alex recognized one of his team members there.
He is one of the top High School mathematicians in the State.
He is also from the Davidson Academy.

Alex is in very good company here.

The parents sit in a lounge just outside the classroom.
Although most of the parents just dropped them off for the session...
there were two other parents there.

I had found the parents to be very interesting.
We had talked of many subjects ranging from interesting local areas...
 to the nature of the human condition.

I had a good time there
(although I had taken an iPad just in case :)

The other father there had said something interesting.
He said that for many years he had been so busy in his work...
that he hadn't really spent so much time with his children.

He said that recently he was recruited to coach his son's soccer team...
and when he had seen how his son was performing and having fun...
he felt a deep sense of pride and he knew he had been missing out.

He had said how fortunate he was to be a father...
that he never really understood what deep happiness was...
until he became a father...
and especially when he became more involved in his son's activities.

I fully agree.

In Fatherhood...
I had found the greatest love of my life...
my son...


  1. What a great opportunity for Alex to polish his math competition skills, being on a team with such esteemed peers. I'm sure he will benefit greatly.

    I can relate to that father's thoughts about fatherhood, and agree completely.

  2. Yes...I was very impressed with the long term strategy of the woman leading this team. I was also impressed with Alex's fellow team mates. Their skills in math must simply be nothing short of amazing. Alex is sure to learn much from these sessions. With each year in this league...he will be able to contribute more and more to the team as he learns from all of the other incredibly bright students. This is a great opportunity for him...and one of which we shall take full advantage.


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