Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Alex's Favorite Teacher Essay

Song:  Puamana

Artists:  Keola and Kapono Beamer

Alex brought an Essay Contest form from his school today.
The essay was to describe why a particular teacher was a favorite of the essay writer's.
It could be no more than 500 words long.

After Alex had finished his normal study routine...
he started this essay...
and finished it in about 1 hour.

He had no input from anyone, as it had to be all of his own work.

Alex's essays are becoming easier for him to generate with each one he does.

He is also writing another essay in the next couple of days about Reno
(another essay contest).

Alex has learned so much in the past one year at his school.

There are many reports, projects, and essays to complete from almost 
every course (which is fantastic).  The major goal of his school is to 
prepare their students for University.

It is not only a worthy goal...
they are doing an admirable job in doing so.


  1. Alex did a wonderful job on this essay. But more than the quality of the writing, I am most impressed with his thoughts. That he could see all of those wonderful qualities in his teacher, and that he could appreciate them, say a lot about his empathy, maturity, and character.

  2. Yes...Alex has always been able to see deeply into people. The problem is when people act irrationally or do some evil act. He really doesn't understand evil...and he knows when people act irrationally...he just doesn't understand why they would...except out of momentary anger. Alex has always felt strongly toward the helpless and innocent and he has a strong sense of justice.

    Alex also has strong feelings for his teachers because all of the warmth and affection he was shown by his ABA teachers...and then from his school teachers. Also, her characteristics are the ones he wishes to have when he starts teaching.


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