Saturday, February 23, 2013

Alex's Extra Credit Handbook: MATHCOUNTS TIPS II

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This is the second half of Alex's MATHCOUNTS Handbook.

Sorry - part of the previous perimeter / circumference formulas are on this page.

And there you have it...
Alex's MATHCOUNTS essentials.

These essentials apply to many math competitions...
as well as learning the essentials in many areas of math.

Alex always gets excited at the prospect of being able to teach others.

He loves writing instructional essays.

He foregoes other types of fun in favor of getting the chance to 
write instructional essays for extra credit at school.

After he had completed this handbook...
we went out for a late dinner...
and being this is the starting of the weekend...
he got to stay up a little later.

He spent some time on his iPad before bed...
and he is looking forward to presenting his booklet to his teacher in the morning.

This Sunday...
Alex is going to another math competition practice session.

This is for a completely different math competition for mostly High Schoolers.

At Alex's last MATHCOUNTS competition...
there was a lady who is running the 
Northern Nevada American Regions Math League (ARML) Team.

She was recruiting for a 15 member team.

She accepted Alex...
and he starts his first practice session this Sunday.

They are aiming to do well in a competition in Las Vegas this summer.
It is a coordinated math competition which takes place at the same time
in 4 different locations around the United States.

It offers cash and awards to the top competition performers.

The following was on her recruitment flyer.

It is some selected statements as to the importance of learning math.

Sounds good to me  :)


  1. That Alex has all this knowledge in his head is not all that surprising given his performance in exams and competitions. But it is very impressive that he can create a handbook and put it together so quickly. My son will not be learning much of this for some time yet, but I'll want to keep this handy so I am prepared when it is time.

  2. Alex's teacher was amazed at how quickly he had put this together. She had shown the principal. His teacher is going to make copies of it for her students. Alex was very proud of his work. With each piece of written work he does...he gets more enthusiastic for more.


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