Saturday, February 23, 2013

Alex's Extra Credit Handbook: MATHCOUNTS TIPS I

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Yesterday, Alex's Algebra and MATHCOUNTS Teacher
had asked Alex if he would like to earn extra credit by 
putting together an instructional booklet on tips for 

When Alex got home...
after his regular studies...
he wrote out his instuctional booklet:


Alex put it together and typed it out in 3-4 hours.
He will be presenting it to his teacher this morning.

Alex was excited for this opportunity to put together 
an instructional booklet...he loves being able to teach...
and to write on his favorite subject - Math.

His Math Club will be meeting early in the morning 
for some taping of a video explaining a mathematical concept
for submission to a national video math contest.

Although his teacher won't be surprised at the content of his booklet...
she will, no doubt, be surprised that he had put it together in one night.

I will be separating this into two articles as I wanted to include his booklet 
in its entirety as it may be useful for many Home Schoolers...
 as well as for new participants in math competitions.

Alex considers these tips as some of the essentials to know 
and memorize (as much as possible) so quick calculations
may be made in competitions.

As Alex is only in the 7th grade...
some of these tips are very basic...
while others are...
well, lets just say that I had to ask Alex
for some explanations on them  :)

This shall be it for this article.

The second half of Alex's MATHCOUNTS Handbook is on the next article.

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