Saturday, January 26, 2013

Alex's Spelling Bee Practice Session

Song:  The Storm

From:  Yanni

Alex has the County Spelling Bee in less than one week.

I have been working with him after his normal studies are done
(we usually start at around 7 PM).

His English teacher gave out some study sheets
 giving common foreign words by language 
(Greek / Italian / Spanish / Latin / Arabic / Asian / French / German 
 Slavic / Dutch / New World / Old English).

Each language included the most common 100 - 200 or so words for Alex to practice with.

He has been doing very well with this exercise.

I have been spending an hour or so drilling him on these words every night
(he also practices on line with his spelling program).

Afterward, he enjoyed his free hour before we headed off 
to our favorite Sushi restaurant...
The Atlantis Casino Sky Terrace Sushi Bar.

As our spelling study session ran a little long...
we arrived at the Sky Terrace Sushi Bar a little after 10 PM 
(It stays open until midnight on Fri / Sat).

Alex holding his iPad.
He was using it during the 15 min drive to the Atlantis
(Alex simply LOVES his goes with him everywhere).

Alex enjoying his iPad while eating his Sushi.
He is playing his favorite app at the moment...
The Grading Game (an earlier article).

Tomorrow morning, Alex is going to a special
SAT mock test put together by the Coral Academy of Science High School.

It is for the High School students...
however, his teachers know how well he did on his real SAT last June...
so his Geometry teacher invited Alex to participate with the High School Students.

He will start it at 9 AM at a special hall...
and I will pick him up at 1:30 PM...
whereupon they will serve lunch (Gyros)
to child and parent alike.

Alex is also finishing up a Social Studies assignment.

He started it a few days ago...and he will finish it up tomorrow night.
The students were assigned to design a 5 page web site.
It could be on anything, so long as it has something to do
 with History or Social Studies.

Alex is making a presentation on the Declaration of Independence.

He showed me his partially completed web site last night.

I was very impressed.
Alex had done very well in not only the content of his subject matter...
but in the layout and design of the web pages...
all without any help from me.

I hope to be able to write about it tomorrow.


  1. I enjoyed the documentary movie Spellbound as it gave some great insights into the talented and hardworking kids who make it to the national spelling bee. I'm sure this whole experience of preparing and then participating in the county bee will be great for Alex, and he just may advance to the next level.

  2. This will be the second time Alex has advanced to the County Spelling Bee. He once (while in 4th grade) won a spot for the 4th through 6th graders for his school in CA. He loves competition of all types.


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