Saturday, January 26, 2013

Alex's School's Mock SATs

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Artist:  Ramsey Lewis

Today, Alex went to a special SAT mock test.

It was put together by the Coral Academy of Science High School.

Alex's Geometry teacher invited Alex to this event because Alex 
did very well on his real SAT last June...
and because he knows Alex's Mathematical capabilities.

I dropped him off at the center that the testing was held in at around 8:30 AM...
and I went to the lunch they had prepared for the students and parents at 1:30 PM.

The gyro meat was in the last pans.

Alex sitting with some of the High Schoolers who had taken the mock SATs
(Alex is sitting in the far right corner of the room).

Alex's Geometry teacher is sitting in front of the center screen...
correcting the mock SATs.

Alex did very well on this mock SAT.

He had improved dramatically in all areas.

We used this as a measuring stick as to his progress.

He should do even better on this June's real SAT.

We plan for him to take the (real) SATs every year to...
not only have his results on official records...
but to measure his rate of intellectual growth
(as he is only in 7th grade...he has much time to greatly improve).

His largest area of growth occurred in Reading Comprehension.

In Math, although he had only missed 2 questions (giving him a 760 out of 800)...
and it was an improvement over 7 months ago...
I know he made rushed miscalculations on those two he had missed
(he knows the concepts already).

Alex is still rushing his calculations...
he tends to want to do them in his head as quickly as possible.

he did well by improving in all of his areas.

In my next article...
hopefully later tonight...
I will write about Alex's Social Studies Web Site assignment.

It is a brief presentation and critical analysis 
of The Declaration Of Independence.


  1. I'm sure it is good to see that Alex's progress shows on this mock exam, even though it has only been about half a year since he took the SATs. As he is still so young, his potential for further improvement is strong. That is almost mind boggling to think about.

  2. We have high hopes that Alex will just keep improving in all areas. He is the key. His study habits are so long as he doesn't lose that drive...he should do well.


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