Thursday, January 31, 2013

Alex's Results At The County Spelling Bee

Song:  Gymnopedie

Original Composer:  Erik Satie

The County Spelling Bee took place at the University Of Nevada, Reno.

The building in the background is the student union hall.

The Spelling Bee took place on the upper floor in a large conference room.

The student written test area as they were seating themselves prior to the initial stage
of the Spelling Bee.  It would involve a 75 word verbally delivered test.  
The students would then write down their answers.  From here...
the top 6 from each grade would advance to the oral portion of the Spelling Bee.

At the conclusion of the written portion.
Most everyone left the room afterward to relax in the lounge area
until the written tests were graded (about 1 hour).

Although Alex's forte is math...
he is a naturally good speller...
and so, we know he did well.

Alex challenging me to a game of Scorpion Thumb Wrestling 
(a version of the game of thumb wresting we made up 
on our Las Vegas Math Camp trip) as we await the results.

The view of the mountains from the lounge area of the student union hall.

Alex had made it to the final 6 - the oral portion of the Spelling Bee.
(he is seated on the far right chair - chair #1).

It was single elimination and each child stood up as his turn came.

The three runner ups were in chairs #2, 3, and 6.

Alex ended up in third.

The child in chair number 4 was second...
and the child going to the State finals was in chair number 5
(from the Davidson Academy).

The top 3 got trophies.
Alex resting afterward.
He then ate his lunch...and we took him back to school.

Alex's English teacher was at the competition...
and he was pleased with Alex's performance.

We are leaving the campus of the University of Nevada, Reno...
enroute to Coral Academy of Science so Alex could finish the rest of
the day in his normally scheduled classes.

Tomorrow night we are going to a special regional Mathcounts dinner. 

 The math teams, and individuals throughout the region, will be competing
for a spot in the State Finals the day after tomorrow in Reno
(Alex will be competing for both, the team, and individual spots).

The dinner is for the competitors, and their parents, to meet each other 
on the eve of the actual competition.

We expect Alex to do well...
and to advance to the State Finals...
as he had done last year.

In one week...
the Science Fair occurs.

We will get to see how Alex's Science Project had done at that time.

In less than 3 weeks time...
Alex competes in the AMC 10 math competition
(this will be tougher as his competitors will be 
gifted High School Students up to the 10th grade).

if Alex advances to the State finals in Mathcounts...
the State finals will be sometime in March.

my wife just told me that Alex wants to take another
actual SAT in March to improve on his last actual SAT score
from last June
(he originally was going to take it once again this June).

A couple of days ago...
Alex showed me an Essay he had completed in his Algebra class.

It was SO funny because the way Alex had gone about showing his initiative.

It made me laugh because it is an instructional paper on Polynomials...
and he had worked on it for a couple of days
during class time because he was bored (Algebra is review for him).

He first had written his essay...
THEN he showed it to his teacher and asked if he could get extra credit for it :)

There was no such assignment originally.
He had made up his own assignment to show his initiative :)

After his teacher read it and checked it to ensure it was factually correct (it was)...
she approved it!  :)

The only caveat was that he had to present it to his class next week.

No problem...
Alex enjoys presenting his work.

As there is the dinner tomorrow...
and the actual Mathcounts competition this Saturday...
I will write about Alex's self initiated extra credit essay this Sunday.

I am still laughing about this.
He must have been like a little salesman...
showing his product to a company and convincing them that they needed it...
even though they hadn't asked for it.
But...sell it he did!  :)


  1. All of these competitions will be great experience for Alex. Third in the county in spelling is very good, and that is just the warmup for the math. Go Alex!

  2. He is having a lot of fun. Tomorrow should also prove to be a lot of fun for Alex. We have to skip tonight's dinner...Alex is coming down with a cold. He is getting extra sleep in preparation for tomorrow.


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