Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Alex's Basic PC Game Designer: Gamestar Mechanic

Song:  Edgar and Sabin's Theme

From:  FF III (US)

Alex competes in the County Spelling Bee in one week.

A couple of days after that he will compete in the Regional MathCounts competition.
He will be competing for the team and individual spots to advance to the State level.

The following week is the Science Fair
(where his Science Project will be in competition with the others at his school).

The week after...
he will be competing in the AMC 10 math competition
(the AMC 10 and above competitions are very important
as Universities keep track of competitors as a scouting method).

He has been studying his Spelling and his MathCounts competition
material with extra effort lately.  After the MathCounts competition...
he will be able to concentrate on the AMC10 math competition almost exclusively
(AMC 10 is for mathematically gifted High Schoolers up to the 10th grade. 
 As Alex is only in the 7th grade...this will be good practice for the future). 

As he is working so diligently...
we had to cut way back on some of his other activities.

as it is important that he also be able to relax for at least one hour a day...
he has been working just as hard on his new hobby.

Alex likes making video games 
(Very simple ones for now.  Should he really get into it...
we shall get him a program which makes far more complicated
games for the iPad and for the PC).

We bought Alex a very basic game design program.
It is perfect for children as it uses very basic game design mechanics
with no programing involved.

You just pick the type of game to make...
either a platform game or a top down view game.
You may also add a Role Playing experience by adding a story line
to various points in the game.

It is called Gamestar Mechanic...
it sells for $19.99 online
(direct online access).

It is perfect for elementary game making...
and it is simple enough for young children.

It also allows submission to a site where others may play and critique the game
that was made by the child.

Alex added a story line to his game (the game is still under construction).

You simply input the attributes and location of the various game components
and the resulting character appears on the screen.  It then performs according to 
the directions given to it by the child.

Alex is making a top down game.

He loves designing his simple game so much...
it won't be long before he will need a much more professional game designer.

The pictures below are from their website.

If you have young children who just love video games...
this is the perfect introduction to game designing.

From here they may then get the more complicated professional designer programs.

As a start...
this is perfect for Elementary through Middle School children...
and at only $19.99...
you will get more than your money's worth just watching your child get fully 
involved in something that is creative.

You will then be able to play the games that he designs.

When you see his eyes glitter with pride as you experience his creation...
well, you know the old saying...

Price of the program....$19.99

Seeing his proud face...Priceless.


  1. My son isn't into video games as much as some kids, but he may be interested in this. I like that it enables the kids to be creative and think about how they want their game to be... a fun way to learn!

  2. Alex is really enjoying this particular program now...but I can foresee him rapidly outgrowing it. We will look for more advanced programers later on.


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