Friday, January 4, 2013

Alex At Tahoe Meadows

Song:  Moments Without Time

Artist:  Yanni

Although it was already mid-afternoon before we left home...
our trip was a short one.

There would still plenty of sun time left on the Western slopes near Mt. Rose.

We took a short drive up to Tahoe Meadows to let Alex enjoy some tobogganing.
It was about a 45 minute drive from home.

It was near the Mt. Rose summit.

The elevation at Tahoe Meadows is 8,565 ft.

We passed the Mt. Rose Ski area at about the 30 minute mark.
We are going to try that area sometime in the future.

On our way to Tahoe Meadows.

You can see Lake Tahoe from here in the background.

We are just minutes away from Tahoe Meadows here.

Tahoe Meadows.

It is a completely unimproved open area that happens to be perfect for Tobogganing
for children.  It has gentle slopes for beginners.  People may just park along the highway 
and climb a short snow wall...and they end up here.

Although it is over 8,500 ft. in elevation here...
as we live at over 5,300 ft in the hills above the city of Reno...
we were already fairly acclimated to this altitude.

We hadn't felt winded under exertion.

There were some snow-mobiles towing up some skiers to the higher slopes.

We walked a short distance to the "Bunny Slopes".

At first, Alex was stopping at the halfway point, where we were standing.

He must have been figuring that is was half the fun on the way down...
but only half the climb back up  :)

I had him go all the way down from that point forward.

Alex taking a tumble on a Bunny Hill on one of his first complete runs :)

During his many climbs from the bottom of the toboggan run...
Alex took a cool off break half way up the hill...
to where we were standing, before continuing back to the top.

I had told him two things about eating snow... dig down a few inches to get non-surface snow...
and second, of course, the old sage advice...
of never eating yellow snow  :)

The extent of Alex's daredevil spirit  :)

He is cautious by nature.
I had to coax him into attempting to get airborne.

He barely left his seat  :)

The sun was starting to set...
and Alex had had his fun for the day.

He was then focused on getting back to Reno so we could go eat Sushi.

On our way back to Reno.

All of the valleys below were covered in snow.

We are less than 30 minutes from home here.

We went home to change...
and to relax a bit before going out to one of our favorite Sushi restaurants.

I hope to have Alex try Ice Skating and Skiing sometime in the future.

We already have plans to go Trout and Salmon fishing this spring...
along with doing some more camping and hiking.

I also plan to get him competent in Mountain Biking.

I hope to have a Father and Son ride down Mammoth Mountain one summer...
sometime in the next few years.

There are so many outdoor activities so near to Reno...
we simply must start taking more advantage of our location.

But, there is no rush...
his studies must come first.

I must simply make the most of our opportunities
as they make themselves available.

My job is to be prepared to do so...
when it is time.


  1. That is a fantastic toboggan hill! It looks so long, and the slope seems perfect - not too steep, but steep enough to be fun. Looks like Alex enjoyed it. So nice to see your child enjoying new experiences.

  2. This is where we will first teach Alex how to ski. I will be getting him ski boards (mini skis shaped like snow boards - easy to maneuver and learn on...naturally limit top speed). I will also be getting myself a pair. At just a couple of feet long...they are easily back packable for snow hikes in the future. They look to be a lot of fun. Then once Alex can execute turns...there are many ski resorts within 30 min to 1 hr. away.

  3. Alex has grown into a fine young adolescent. Can't believe how tall he has gotten!

  4. Yes...he is growing so quickly. I figure at his rate of growth...he should be taller than me in a few years. He will probably eventually become 5'11" or possibly 6' tall. He has an excellent diet, plentiful sleep, and he should reach his genetic potential without difficulty.


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