Thursday, January 3, 2013

Alex At Scheel Sports And Outdoors Store

Song:  Expression

Artist:  Helen Jane Long

Today was crisp and clear (Icicles on the eaves of our house).

We are going to Lake Tahoe to a family snow area so Alex may enjoy some Tobogganing.

We stopped by a neighborhood sports store (Scheel) to pick up some cold weather gear
for Alex... a toboggan, a snow bib, and a few other items.

This store, while about the same distance from us as is Cabela's Sports store...
and physically larger...
Cabela's has more of a hunting and fishing selection...
while Sheel has a larger selection of most outdoor activities...
including snow gear.

They have this Ferris Wheel in the store.

Sheel is one large outdoor and sports store.

They have these figures of the most famous Presidents of the US around 
the central area of the second floor.

Both, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln were animatronic.

There was also this large display of North American game animals.

It was quite a large store and...

Alex grew tired of shopping...
as did I.

I like to shop on-line as much as possible.

We had picked up our supplies.

Afterwards, we went out to our favorite Thai restaurant...
and then went home to relax for the remainder of the night.

Alex should have a lot of fun at Lake Tahoe tomorrow.

We will go to a family snow area (less than 1 hour away).
Alex will be able to enjoy tobogganing until he gets his fill.
We will then go out to one of our favorite Sushi restaurants to close out the evening.

I will have plenty of pictures of Alex enjoying the snow tomorrow.


  1. Very interesting store! Almost makes the shopping experience fun. ;)

    Enjoy your day at Tahoe! I look forward to seeing the pictures and hearing about it.

  2. I will be going back near the end of winter to load up on spring sales of unsold winter gear!


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