Tuesday, January 15, 2013

100% Nevada High School Proficiency Exam - Math

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In one of Alex's advanced Math classes at school...
he, along with the 10th graders in his Geometry class...
(Alex had pointed out my mistake today...Alex is in 7th grade.
As Alex takes 3 math classes a day...I had mistakenly put 7th graders
when the class that had taken the practice test was his Geometry class.
For Geometry...Alex gets sent to the High School portion of his school
where most of the students in his Geometry class are 10th graders)...
had taken a Nevada High School Proficiency Practice Exam (Math portion)
(a mandatory exit exam for High Schoolers.
They must show proficiency in the subjects before they can graduate).

His teacher thought it would be fun...
as well as revealing...
for the students.

Alex had scored 100%.

Although we know Alex is much more advanced in his math...
we were glad that he hasn't forgotten the basics
(he was advanced enough that he could have passed it in the 4th grade.
Alex had completed pre-Algebra in the 3rd grade...
and he finished Algebra I in the 4th grade).

Although Alex is studying higher math (Calculus)...
my wife has been careful to constantly review his lower math
(Algebra and Geometry).

He will sometimes make some careless mistakes...
and with a quick review of the problems...
he will get them right
(He still has a tendency to rush his problems.
He still values speed too much).

I constantly stress that accuracy is the most important attribute.

In the real world (apart from math competitions)...
a miscalculation can be costly in time and money...
and in many fields...
it can be disastrous...potentially life threatening.

Speed is a natural result of the ease of quality.

If you stress speed...quality will suffer.
If you stress quality...speed will manifest itself naturally.

Alex in his bedroom with his notation white board.
He is demonstrating some problems to his mother.

Alex got A+s in all of his classes this last quarter.

His self drive and his study habits are the key.

His self drive is a manifestation of his love of learning...
and a goal for his future.

His study habits were established when he was still very young.

With Positive Reinforcement, and frequent play breaks evenly interspersed...
he enjoyed his study time.

He was guided by conceptual understanding...
and constant parental involvement.

His mistakes were identified...
the underlying concept reviewed...
alternate problems were given to re-test for correct concept application...
and his accomplishments were heavily praised.

His true pride grew with each completed objective.

I think parenting can be summed up in five words:

Constant and Consistent Loving Structure

I know this is common sense to most.

It is, however, in the application that results come about.

The Loving Structure is the correct path up the mountain.

The constant and consistent portions are the actual treading of that correct path.

If you don't walk that path...
the goal cannot be reached.

A natural transfer from exemplary study habits
to exemplary work ethics occurs.

With exemplary study habits...
his preparations for his chosen field will be exemplary.

With exemplary work ethics...
his performance in his chosen field will be exemplary.

With exemplary performance comes the external and internal rewards.
The external rewards allow increasing freedom from worry about ones future.
The internal rewards provide the passion for the job...as well as passion for life.

We have but one life to live...
to live it with passion is the only way to live it well.


  1. Alex is truly exemplary, not just in his performance, but in his passion for learning.

  2. His passion for learning is the will. With that...he will find a way. One of the finest gifts to give a child is instill this love of learning.


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