Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Awards for Alex: Johns Hopkins University SET / University Of Iowa Belin-Blank

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A few months back, I had written of Alex's
scores he had achieved on his Explore test...
and on his SAT (College Entrance Exam).

I had also written about our applying Alex
for the Johns Hopkins University Study For Exceptional Talent program...
since he had a qualifying score on his SAT 
(over 700 on Math under age 13...he was 11 years old at the time).

Alex received an award from 
the University of Iowa Belin-Blank International Center for Gifted and Talented Youth
for his exceptional score on his Explore test (overall).

The top 5% of Explore test takers across the US was eligible to become a member 
of the Center for Talented Youth (of which Alex had become a member).

Alex's score put him in the top 1% of all of the members of the 
Center for Talented Youth.

They had an awards ceremony in Oct. which we simply could not make.
I was thinking we could drive there...
but as it was over 1,000 miles...
and during school...
we simply could not go.

They sent Alex his certificate for his achievement.

(University of Iowa Belin-Blank)

This was heartening for us all.

Then a short while ago...
we were notified by Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth
(of which he is a member of)
that he was accepted as a member of 
the Study of Exceptional Talent program.

Once again...
as it took place in Oct. in Maryland at Johns Hopkins University...
and the airfare was far and above what I had initially envisioned...
we had to forego this ceremony also
(I had really wanted to go to this one especially. I feel like a bad parent for missing this one).

This was exceptionally big as it is a worldwide event.

Alex had qualified by his Math score on his SAT...
in reference to Alex's score:
Alex had taken it at 11 years old.

We received his medal and a pamphlet of the award ceremonies in the mail yesterday.

There were quite a few recipients from...
China, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea, as well as some from other countries.
The USA was well represented, of course.

Just for another little boost... last week...
Alex won his school's 7th grade Spelling Bee
(Coral Academy of Science).
He will advance to the next higher level competition shortly.

this is all well and good.

you must remember that Alex was initially diagnosed with a
severe learning disability (Autistic Spectrum Disorder) at age 2.5 years.

He had gone through years of intensive
Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) in home therapy.

Through our observation of the daily therapy...
(video and audio cameras set up in his upstairs classroom)
my wife, and I, have become much better parents
than we otherwise would have been.

My wife led the charge with her constant research into
the disorder and into ways of improving Alex's education
through various mediums and through her tireless efforts
in homeschooling him for many years.

Since Alex re-entered school (Coral Academy of Science)...
I have taken over his daily school homework review
and conceptual well as his supplementary life skills.

My wife is helping him with his advanced Math and works with him
on his reading comprehension and organizational skills.

 we are Team Alex.

I don't concern myself with pro-sports teams.

Nothing is more exciting to me than our team.

We are, have always been, and shall always be...
 for Alex.

hand in hand...
in leadership...
and in full support...
we shall always be...
the A Team...
Team Alex.

GO TEAM!!!  :)


  1. Love the photo of Alex wearing his medal... he looks so happy, and very distinguished. Great job, team!

  2. Thank you. Alex is even happier that he is going to a special Math, Science, and Engineering camp in less than 2 weeks. I will write about it soon.


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