Saturday, December 8, 2012

Alex's Speech Outline of his Bullying Presentation

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Alex had given his actual presentation on Bullying yesterday.

I included the original Keynote slides along with his outline
for his accompanying speech.

What he had done was to first read off the slide to the class...
and then he went into more detail on each slide from his speech outline.

He had most of it memorized...
he just held on to the speech outline in case he had lost
track of what he was saying.

As Alex has never experienced or really seen bullying before...
I had to explain the psychology behind, and the physical manifestations of...

As I had explained these to Alex...
he had taken notes and had then written up his speech outline.

I had told him to include the salient points only...
as he would have to present these points to his class
without losing their interest.

Even though this was his title page...
it is essentially his topic sentence.

It is essential that it is defined and supported as this sets the tone
for the whole presentation.

Alex practiced his speech as if he were in his class by using the computer screen 
with the slides...and with his speech notes in his hand.

When he got to the speech portion after each slide...
he would make eye contact with his imaginary audience as much as possible.

He only referred to his notes to orient himself, or if he had forgotten
a point (just a few seconds).

He had, otherwise, done a very good job presenting it during our practice.

When I had picked up Alex from school yesterday...
he said that everyone had really liked his presentation.

I knew they would.
Alex did a very good job with his presentation rehearsal.

He is getting better at his speeches with each presentation.

As Alex progresses with his presentations...
his speech outline will be shortened to a few words for each sentence.
They will serve as just reminders of the outline.

Ex:  [Schools should be under the control of the teachers and not by the students.]
would be shortened to something like:

Schools / control / teachers / not students.

Alex said he really loves his school.

One of the key factors in his love of school...
besides his inherent love of learning...
is that we make sure he is prepared in his studies.

When a child is prepared...
he loves to show it.

I had included Alex speech notes so the homeschooling parents could see how
the slides had given basic points...
and how the associated speech notes had gone into more detail.

Giving presentations is an area of great importance...
a skill of ever greater importance the higher a child climbs in his education.

Later today...
Alex will be finishing up a shorter term project...
which he will then turn in on Monday.

It is a simple, but very interesting project
(designing his own ad).

I will write of this in my next article.


  1. I am SO impressed by Alex and his ability to feel comfortable giving such a thought out presentation! Yes...being prepared is very important but the ability to include eye contact and such details is quite an accomplishment! Even in the short time that I have read your articles, it is clear that he is maturing into a confident young man! Blessings to you and yours!

  2. Thank you. Yes, Alex has always had a certain level of self confidence. He doesn't seem to suffer from stage fright. He likes to get in front of people...especially his peers...and give presentations, and to compete. When I was his age...I was incredibly shy. While he is is the best type...a quiet confidence. He loves to show his abilities rather than to talk about them.

    And thank you...the best to you and yours also.


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