Monday, December 31, 2012

Alex Enjoying New Year's Eve 2012

Song:  What Is Life

Artist:  George Harrison

We decided to just enjoy our New Year's Eve at home.

The day was crisp and clear.

Alex first finished up his daily studies.
He then wanted to walk around in the snow
(as we live at a little over one mile in elevation...
we get more snow than the rest of Reno).

Alex then played some games on his laptop...

and he watched the auto Mochi maker.

He started laughing as it made the sweet rice into one large smooth ball.

Alex, and I, then made individual Mochi cakes.

We then ate fresh Mochi cakes...
his mother included some in some Japanese Nabemono...
and we then froze the rest.

What is life?

It is what we make of it through forethought and effort.

Alex has had a tremendous year.

He has accomplished so much.

Alex is a Golden Dragon
(his Oriental Zodiac sign)...
and he definitely had a golden year.

Short term plans?

We are going to Lake Tahoe sometime this week
to enjoy some of the snow.

Long term plans?

More of the same daily routine.

Alex is steadily treading the correct path to efficient and effective human development.

Daily stimulation of...

With these in balance and alignment...
he cannot help but eventually reach his goals.


  1. Hey that mochi maker looks like it works really well. No need to pound the mochi, eh?

    Your area looks beautiful with the snow.

    I'm sure Alex will have another great year. Happy 2013 to all of you!

  2. The mochi was excellent. Much better than you can buy at any store. It was quiet and efficient. You merely soak the rice...then put it in the mochi maker. It automatically cooks the rice and makes mochi in a short amount of time. Up to 3 pounds at a time. It is great!

    We are going to Tahoe tomorrow. I hope to post pictures tomorrow.

    Thanks...and a good 2013 to you and your family.


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