Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Alex At The UNLV Math Camp - On Campus

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We arrived shortly before 4 PM and we checked in
and made our way to the dorms.

This was our Dorm.

The dorms were adequate.

Alex, and I, had some dinner at the Cafeteria.

One of Alex's Math teachers.

The Science and Engineering Building where we went for Orientation
(about 1 kilometer from the cafeteria).

This is the building where Alex would have his classes for the remainder of the camp.

This is the only time I had gone to any of the other buildings.

For the remainder of the days here...
I stayed in the dorm room while Alex attended the classes.

Wake up was at 7 AM and the activities ran until 10 PM
(minus meal times...I took Alex out to eat every night).

The first night...
I walked Alex to the cafeteria (about 300 meters from the dorm).
I had him pay attention to the landmarks along the way so he wouldn't get lost.

The next morning I had Alex lead us to the cafeteria...
and I then said my good byes until I saw him for dinner.

After dinner...
I had Alex lay out all of his clothes for the next day...
as well as his sleeping clothes.

This was a perfect opportunity for him to operate autonomously.

From the next day on...
he woke up...
got dressed and went to breakfast alone...
met up with his group leader (a High Schooler from his school)...
and they walked to the classrooms.  He then walked to the cafeteria for lunch...
and back to the classrooms...
and then back to the dorms to meet me for dinner (we ate off campus).

He kept track of the schedule and made sure he was where he was supposed to be...
and when he was supposed to be there...all on his own.

The main reason I wanted him to go to this camp was for him to get more 
exposure to operating independently.  

He did very well all by himself.

He said he felt like a University student.

Alex Face Timed his mother every night before we went out to dinner.

Our first night for dinner...
we went to a great Japanese restaurant.

This was our second night out.
It was a Mediterranean restaurant.

Alex had grilled Salmon.

I had a great Gyro.

The next night...
we went back to the Japanese restaurant.

Alex had Salmon Teriyaki and grilled Mackerel.

I had Beef Teriyaki and Grilled Mackerel. 

Alex enjoying another order of California Roll.

 We thoroughly enjoyed this restaurant.

There was a math competition which was set up 
similarly to a MathCounts competition.

There were over 100 students participating.

They started out with written math problems for time...
and the top 16 students advanced to the speed rounds
where they had to do the problems as quickly as possible
as they faced off with each other by doing the problems in their head.

Alex made it to the finals.

It was just Alex and one other child...
and that is where Alex finally lost.

2nd place wasn't bad, as these children were 
the most mathematically advanced at their schools
from all over Nevada and some from Arizona...
and Alex had to face gifted 8th graders as well.

These students were veterans of math competitions.

On the next day...
we checked out...
and then drove out to see Hoover Dam.

In my next article...
I will cover our Hoover Dam experience.


  1. What a wonderful experience at camp. I'm sure you are very proud that Alex did so well in the math competition, but perhaps even happier that he functioned so independently. Looks like you got to enjoy a nice drive down there, too, as well as some great meals. Yes, a fine week all around. :)

  2. What I was most pleased by was Alex's desire to operate independently. He performed well by himself. He always wanted to leave early for his activities...and although he had forgotten his jacket in his classroom overnight...he had retrieved it the next day.

    Yes...I had enjoyed the well as Alex. He had grown much from his experience here...mostly in his real life experience in being independent.


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