Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Alex At The UNLV Math Camp - The Drive To Las Vegas

Song:  In Dreams

From:  Lord Of The Rings

Alex, and I, just got back from Las Vegas last night (Christmas Eve)
from his 5 day Math Camp at the University of Nevada Las Vegas campus.

Alex was one of 5 students from his school to attend.

There were over 100 students from all over Nevada...
and some from Arizona.

This was for Middle School and High School students with advanced
Mathematical, Science, and/or Engineering skills.

I went with him and we stayed in one of the University dorms.

Alex, along with the other 4 students from his school...
 was excused from regular classes for the last three days of school
 before Winter break because the Camp started last Wednesday.

We left at about 8:30 AM in the mini-van and headed out on a 7.5 hr. journey.

Alex had a good time looking at the sights along the way...
and using his iPad.

I had a great time just listening to music while I took in the sights while driving.

The following pictures are from Reno until our gas stop in Tonopah, NV.

This is a picture of Lake Walker (on the map...the only large lake along the blue line).

Although the air in Reno was 15 degrees (F) when we left...
it got warmer the farther south we went.

The drive down was very pleasant.  The air was crisp, and by midday...
had warmed up to the high twenties.

Along the whole route...
snow covered mountains were always in sight.
No matter where you are in Nevada...
you are always surrounded by mountains
(it is the most mountainous state in the US).

We stopped here at an approximate half way point to Las Vegas.

We had gotten something to eat and filled up on fuel...
then we were off once again.

The next set of pictures is from point B until point C (UNLV).

Yes, somewhere along the way down...
lay the notorious AREA 51.

We are about 1 hour out of Las Vegas here.

Las Vegas up ahead.

It was getting near 4:00 PM so we just drove another couple of miles to 
the campus of UNLV to check in.

My next article will cover Alex's time at his Math Camp.

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