Sunday, December 9, 2012

Alex At A Turkish Cultural Night

Song:  Magic Of The Evening

Artist:  Omar Faruk Tekbilek

There is a Turkish Cultural Center in Reno.

Many of Alex's school staff are from Turkey.

The staff had sent out invitations to the students for a night of 
Eastern Turkish culture which included a presentation of the 
geography, people, agriculture, and the culture of the people 
of Eastern Turkey.

Afterwards, there was an Eastern Turkish buffet.  

They had the traditional slow roasted and thinly sliced meat used traditionally in Gyros.

Our table.  
The man on the left is one of Alex's advanced math teachers.
The man on the right is the Dean of his school.

They then served dessert.

The man in the forefront is the Dean of Academics for the High School...
and the woman next to him is another one of Alex's advanced math teachers.

Alex really liked the dessert...
so much so...
that he asked me if it was alright for seconds  :)

As Alex doesn't normally eat dessert (except when we eat out)...
I don't mind him having dessert on special occasions.

Here is Alex getting seconds.

Afterwards, a group of people sang a traditional Turkish song (in Turkish)...
and although I didn't know what was being sounded nice. 
 The young man singing was actually a talented singer.

Another man was making some sort of traditional dish as the group sang.

Alex had a good time, as well as I.

I love exposing Alex to other cultures.
There is so much to learn from them.
I love the food and traditions...and well...the food :)

I am particularly fond of the various foods throughout the Mediterranean.

Everyone at this gathering was polite...
and I could sense their pride in their culture.

That is always good to see in people.

With each exposure to new cultures...
I hope to have Alex realize that while they may do things differently...
they are just manifestations of the same basic human drives in all of us.

This makes us all brothers and sisters...
with just different flavors added.


  1. Another busy several days for Alex... I can't keep up. I am continually impressed by the variety of challenging assignments that Alex gets from school. I think many kids do not get assignments like those until college.

    That Turkish cultural night looked very worthwhile and fun. What a great way to introduce others to an unfamiliar culture. What did the dessert taste like?

  2. His school has an almost continual tasking of projects, which is very good. Alex learns so much from each one. It gets hectic, at times, when multiple projects come at the same time due to several of his classes assigning projects near each other in due dates. However, this is also good as it teaches time management and project prioritization.

    The desserts were all homemade. They seemed to have honey or brown sugar in them. I am not sure. One of the desserts was made from wheat and sugar (the pudding like dessert). The pastry like dessert was similar to a Baklava.


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