Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Alex After The UNLV Math Camp - Hoover Dam

Song:  Walking In The Air

Rendition:  Celtic Woman

After Alex, and I, had packed up and checked out of the dorm...
we drove up to Hoover Dam (C).  It was a mere 40 minute drive or so.

A portion of Lake Mead ahead.

This is the Mike O'Callaghan - Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.
It bypasses the route across the dam.
It is the second highest bridge in the US at 840 ft. above the river below.
It was opened in 2010.

Just as Hoover Dam spans the Nevada - Arizona border...
so does this bridge.

We first drove across Hoover Dam...
into Arizona...and stopped at a gift shop.

We then drove back to the Nevada side of the bridge and parked 
so we could walk across it.

We are at the Nevada side parking lot as we make our way across the Dam.

We stopped at the midway point of the Dam.
I had Alex call his mother from the border of Nevada and Arizona.

As we were leaving Hoover Dam...
we saw Alex's Math teacher standing in line for the Hoover Dam tour
(we just freelanced it...I already knew about the dam...
and so, I was Alex's tour conductor :)

We then departed for home.

Just 15 or so minutes from the Dam on the way home...
I saw this helicopter tour of Hoover Dam.

I just had to stop and give Alex another good memory of his trip.

Alex had fun.
He wasn't scared at all.

This is the type of thing that fathers love to do for their children...
giving them new and unique experiences...
magical memories that they will long remember.

We finally departed for home...
although we would have to stop at Tonopah for the night
(approximate half way point).

I didn't wish to drive into the night back home...
as a snowstorm had hit Reno and I was wary of ice on the roads.

In my next article...
I shall cover our trip home...
and of our stop in Tonopah.

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