Monday, December 17, 2012

A Night Of Christmas Lights For Alex

Christmas Lights at a Reno house and the surrounding neighborhood.

We went to the same neighborhood in Reno that we had gone to last year.

This is in downtown Reno...
near the outskirts of the major Casinos.

The Truckee River is flowing below
(it flows from Lake Tahoe...through Reno...
and then ends at Pyramid Lake).

There was an ice skating rink set up.

Alex said he wished to try ice skating sometime in the future.

A minor Casino in the background.

The lone Christmas Tree at the rink.
We spent but a brief moment here.

We are headed back to the minivan to go see the lights where we had gone last year.

It was a cold and windy night so we didn't stay too long in either spot.

We first ate out at a Vietnamese restaurant...
saw the ice skating rink...
the Christmas lights...
and then went back home.

Still, a nice night out.

In a few days...
I will be driving Alex to a winter Math, Science, and Engineering Camp.

I shall be there with him the whole 5 days.

I should have plenty of pictures and information from there in my next article...
in approximately one week.

Alex, and I, are looking forward to it.

Alex is looking forward to learning a lot there.

I am hoping this wider exposure will give him some more career options to consider
(although his present goal is also a very good one).


  1. Wow, really spectacular display of Christmas lights! I particularly liked the house in the first half of the video. Enjoy the camp. Will there be activities for the parents, too? I'm sure it will be a great experience for Alex.

  2. I will simply have to entertain myself while Alex is participating in the academic portions of the camp. I will see him at night. We will eat out and see the sights then. Las Vegas is an easy town to pass time all should be well.

  3. Always enjoy the edition of your beautiful pictures ;)


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