Sunday, November 11, 2012

Alex's Second Create A Myth Assignment

Song:  Sister Moon

Artist:  Trine Opsahl

Alex received another assignment where he had to create his own myth.

He could create a legend about any character.

He started his assignment in class and then he finished it up at home.

This type of assignment sometimes gives Alex trouble as he must generate
fictional characters and their social interactions.

Alex had initially completed his story and then I made quite a few corrections.

Although he is still relatively new to fictional writing...
I had wanted to see how well he could do on his rough draft all alone.

He had made quite a few basic errors with plot consistency...
full explanations of the characters and of their actions...
and logical rationales for their actions.

I had explained the inconsistencies and lack of explanations...
and I gave him a little direction to head in...
and in some instances...
I lead his mind toward a solution through directed questioning.

His first big mistake was his wanting to creatively free write
the whole story without first outlining it.

I thought this might be a problem...
but I had thought it best to let him learn first hand how difficult it is to do.

Although many writers do so...
they actually already know the basic direction they wish to go in...
as they had written many stories before.

The key for all of Alex's future fictional stories...
is to outline first.

I think he realizes this now.

Post Script:  Alex has a Math Competition coming up in a couple of days.
              I hope to be able to write about good news in a few days.

Addendum:  I learned that the results won't be available for a couple of months...
as it was a world wide test.  It is done once a year and the compilation of data
takes a while.


  1. Sometimes the best way to learn is through making errors and then seeing where you went wrong. I am sure that Alex will greatly improve with practice. That he already can put a creative story together is quite an achievement.

  2. Yes...I think he will stop trying to fly before his feathers have fully grown. His one bad habit is trying to freestyle before establishment of the basics. Since math comes so easily to him...I think he feels that everything should :)


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