Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Alex's Presentation: Bullying

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Alex finished his Keynote Presentation on Bullying.

Now he must work on the actual presentation of it.

Although the text is sparse on these 10 pages...
it is a mere outline for him to give his full 10 - 15 minute speech to his class.

His school has projector / laptop connectivity in each class so the students may
present their PowerPoint or Keynote presentations easily.

He will discuss each point in depth for his presentation.

Alex had finished his outline and half of his slide show in one night...
and last night he finished this presentation.

He has two more presentations to finish up...
hopefully by the end of this coming weekend
(one of which will involve the causes and effects of the Great Depression...
along with a comparative analysis of the Great Recession of 2007...
the other is his comparative analysis of the sociological impact of 
the Pearl Harbor attack and 9/11).

 Alex did a good job of outlining this presentation and making each "slide"
in Keynote.  He had done this with almost zero help from me.

Alex will have to research heavily into the Great Depression and Recession
if he is to write extensively on it.

As this presentation is finished...
he may now concentrate on getting the other two completed before he gets
more projects to do.

He will also practice giving his presentations to me every night
so his class presentations will go smoothly.

Post Note:  Alex had gotten his quarterly report card.

All A's with 3 of them being A+

His school had taken all of the 4.0 GPA's to a Casino for an all you can eat buffet
a couple of days ago...during school.

Alex is proud of his grades and of his 4.0 GPA school identification card.

I love seeing Alex's quiet pride in himself.

He never brags about it.
He just gets this glittering in his eyes...
and he gets motivated to study even more.

He may not always get a 4.0 throughout his school years...
but if won't be for a lack of effort on his part.


  1. I never got much experience in preparing presentations or speaking in front of others until I took a speech class in college. It is great that Alex is beginning to hone this valuable skill at such a young age.

  2. Yes...Alex is getting plenty of practice. He likes to get in front of the class to do his presentations. He seems to enjoy the whole presentation process.


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