Friday, November 16, 2012

Alex's Official Results To His First Online Math Competition

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This is Alex's official results from the first online test he took at school.

It was a nationwide test where more than 1,500,000 MathCounts students participated
(MathCounts is a competition math club at each participating school...
so it involved only the math club competitors...not every math student).

The test described is the one shown in this linked article:

Alex had received two placements.

He placed 15th in the nation overall...
and he placed 10th in his division (7th to 12th graders).

He was no #1 in the State of Nevada.

I think the 25,000 was a typo.  
The 2 day practice session involved 2,500 problems...10 points each.
(Alex had done 1,250 in 5 hours).

Alex is at #10 in his 7th to 12th grade division in the Nation
(Alex is in 7th grade).

(What are they feeding those kids from Massachusetts and Texas? :)
Kudos to them.

Alex had just taken another online Math test at school...
and although it was a national test...
it was open to the rest of the world.

Many children from Taiwan and South Korea also take this particular test.

We shall get his official results sometime in the next two months or so.

Alex had fun with these competitions.
He loves taking tests and competing.

He has another one coming up in a couple of months.


  1. I've come to expect these sensational performances from Alex. Amazing! I know you are very proud.

  2. Yes...very much so. It is funny at how nonchalant Alex seems to be when he gets an award. He is more happy at our pride and happiness in him than with the actual award. Alex received another award from near the east coast a little while ago...we are still waiting for the official results from them. In a future article... I will give the details.


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