Friday, November 23, 2012

Alex's Completed Science Project

Song:  Reflection

Artist:  Jim Brickman

Alex had completed his Science Project report yesterday.

This article includes some pictures and information given in previous articles...
as well as new pictures and information in order to give a continuity
to the project as a whole.

Alex will be presenting his project to the Science Fair in a little over a month.

Why finish up his projects so early?

It is more than a matter of convenience...
of being able to relax.

It is even more than finishing up early to clear his schedule for 
future projects and assignments he may be given. 

It is a way of living life.

To complete all foreseeable duties ahead of time is to be in 
a continual state of readiness.  

It is a way of engaging life with a passion...
of looking forward to challenges...
a way of staying hungry for the next feast.

A beast which is hungry... is always on the hunt.
He is looking to fulfill his deepest desire
with a depth of passion which leads to a rich cycle
of hunger and satisfaction.

A stimulating path of achievement in sight...
 leads to anticipation of the kill (enjoyment of the process)...
and the deep satisfaction of achievement of the desires.

With each kill...
comes greater competence, skill, and strength.

This leads to inner peace as well as the keeping
of the eyes to the horizon for the next hunt.

This is the source of hope for the future.

Challenges are the source of energy and passion...
which lead to drive in life.

A life filled with passion and fulfillment...
is a life worth living.

on to Alex's completed Science Project.

All he has to do is to mount the report and photos onto a project board
and he is ready for the Science Fair
(I will take photos of his board at the Science Fair).


  1. Very interesting project. Even when things don't go perfectly, there are still good learnings. Alex's alternate explanation of greater girth and more leaves seems reasonable.

  2. This was Alex's first Science Project. He had learned much about the scientific process through it. He is looking forward to more of these type of exercises. We are looking forward to the physical sciences since he finds the hard sciences more to his liking.


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