Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Alex's Comparative Analysis: Pearl Harbor - 9/11

Song:  Ave Maria

Composer:  Franz Schubert

The following is an extra credit essay Alex had completed 
for his Social Science class.

As his shorter term projects were completed
(with the exception of his presentation practice on another essay)
it allowed him to return to this project to complete
before another assignment was given.

I first had to give Alex some of the background information
on the two events so he would have a starting point for his research.

The concept of evil actions perpetrated upon innocent people
is still relatively new to Alex.

Much of my time was spent on giving Alex the parameters of human nature.

As Alex is very innocent in his thoughts...
I had to explain how people may be enticed and corrupted by 
the negative side of human nature...
as when a group is given sudden and undeserved perceived power over others...
coupled with fear, or even worse...a sense of superiority driven by
their special mission to dominate others as given by an undeniable
authority (in their minds) giving them a God complex (in the psychological sense)...
thereby rendering all of their actions fully justified and irreproachable.

This is one of the chief reasons why morals are so important for children
to learn from their early years.  A fundamental concept of right and wrong...
as a moral (as applied to ALL) will be the guiding path to follow and live.
This will allow the child to detect the false ones as a matter of course.

I had Alex outline his report after my initial general briefing on the events.
He then began his internet research on the events for the specifics.

As Alex is still new to conducting a Comparative Analysis...
and as he was given plenty of time to complete this assignment...
I had him complete it in sections between his other assignments.

He will be handing it in today at school.

Although he will be given much more detail oriented assignments in his future...
this was a good first effort on his part.

I applaud his teachers at school for giving such thought provoking 
and research oriented projects.  The essays he has been assigned
have been great exercises in the technical aspects of a properly
constructed paper...as well as providing interesting topics which
promote glimpses into human nature. 

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