Thursday, November 8, 2012

Alex To Provide Tutoring Sessions In Algebra

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Alex loves to teach...
especially in subjects he loves.

Several of Alex's classmates in his 7th grade Algebra class have asked him
if he could tutor them in Algebra (it is a simple review class for Alex as he had 
completed Algebra I several years ago when he was in the 4th grade...
 and also while homeschooling).

Alex's school has a program where High School students tutor 
the Junior High students in certain subjects (if they are A students).

As Alex is still in the 7th grade...
but has shown his mastery of Algebra I...
Alex approached the program coordinator at his school to see if 
he may tutor several students in Algebra I...3 times a week in a conference room
 for one half hour at the school during lunch recess.

Today, Alex received word that he may do so...
and he starts next week.

Alex says that, so far, there are 5 students who had approached him
and had asked if he would tutor them.

They see how well Alex does in the class (he is an A+ student)...
and as they are having some trouble with it...
they are taking positive steps toward understanding the subject
(I heartily applaud these students for taking a positive approach
in correcting a problem).

Alex loves helping others...
and he loves to teach.

This is a perfect opportunity for him to practice his teaching style...
as he wishes to, one day, become a University Math Professor.

I also told him that, while in University, he could even tutor 
other students for money.

He replied in a delighted manner...
exclaiming his surprise at his being able to make money
while doing something he enjoyed so much.

This is a picture of Alex in his bedroom (taken earlier in the year)...
 pretending to teach Flat Stanley math.

Hopefully, Alex will be able to give the concepts and principles of 
his subject matter to the students in an easily digestible manner.

Math has always made sense to Alex.
For him, it is intuitive.

Sometimes when a subject comes easily to a person...
he will often times skip over that which is, to him...
obvious...self apparent...and he will end up not conveying
all the steps that are necessary for someone to fully understand
the subject matter which confounds him/her.

This is to be Alex's first test in his teaching capabilities.

He will have to adapt to his students needs by deducing where 
their misunderstanding of the subject matter lies.

He will then be able to concentrate his tutoring on the specific principles
which are giving them the problems.

He will have to find a way to have the subject material make sense
by relating it to the the pieces ultimately fit in a master plan.

If he can find a way to relate it to examples in life...
of how it may be used to solve real situations...
he will have found a way to reach students in a manner 
that is intuitive to them.

In doing so...
he will have unlocked one of the secrets of being a good teacher.

I know that Alex will give his lessons a lot of serious thought and effort.

His goal is to teach understanding to his students.

In doing so, he will be teaching himself how to be a good teacher.

Both win
(one of the secrets of having a good life...
being able to create win-win situations.
It is, both, efficient... and effective).


  1. What great experience this will be for Alex. It will be a different type of problem solving for him to discern why his students are having trouble. And dealing with other people, who may not be as logical in their thinking as he is may present challenges. He will begin to learn if he really wants to be a teacher.

  2. I am looking forward to hearing how his tutoring sessions go. I think he will enjoy it...but the results in his students understanding of the material is the ultimate test. If he can make them understand...I think he will love teaching.


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