Saturday, October 20, 2012

Autumn In The Sierra Nevdas

Song:  Air

Composer:  Johann Sebastian Bach

Alex deserved a little break today.
I took him on a little Autumn color tour in the Sierra Nevadas.

It was a short day trip (4 hours in total).

While I realize that the fall colors here are nothing in comparison to the northern states...
particularly on the upper eastern seaboard...
it was a nice drive with good color (for mountains of mostly evergreen trees).

There were isolated patches of trees which turn color...
and this was just one of many nearby drives available for fall colors.

This was near the Mt. Rose Summit (approximately 8,800 ft elevation here).

Lake Tahoe is in the background.

(No...Alex does not have a pot belly.  Both of us wear very large and loose fitting shirts...
which billow the false appearance of having large bellies... my case too.  We choose comfort over style.)

We are at a lookout point near the northern tip of Lake Tahoe.

Alex loved the views (approximately 8,000 ft.)

The placards had arrows above them giving the direction 
to the listed areas around the lake.

We stopped alongside the hwy. and saw this stream just yards off the road.

There were some nice colors here.
We simply must get a better camera...
the colors were much more vibrant than shown here.

We continued on near the area listed as E on the map.

These are near Hope Valley.

Farther down the highway...
there was this large beautiful meadow which was lined with solid yellow leaved trees.  
I couldn't take any pictures as I could only see it from
the road and there were no immediate turn offs. 
 A short while later..
we had seen a trail head to the meadow...
but as it was getting late in the day...we just continued on.  
I shall keep it in mind for next year.

Alex has been working hard.
He said he had done well on the On Line Math Competition.

Although the testing was easy...
not nearly the difficulty of other math competitions...
it was a test of mental endurance.

Over the two days at school...
he had done thousands of problems.

We will find out how he had done some time next week.

Alex had a relaxed day in the mountains and he had seen some new sights
(he finished up his normal studies before we left home at approximately 2 P.M.).

We will finish it up by going out to eat somewhere later tonight.

I love finding new places to take Alex.

Just as with all parents...
we enjoy the places because our children do.

When the smile on their faces outshine the location...
we have done our job.


  1. I'd never get tired of looking at Lake Tahoe or the mountains. What a nice, short getaway... must have been particularly relaxing for Alex after the grueling week of math problems.

  2. We are going back to the mountains this weekend. This time we are heading Westward toward Truckee. We are then going out to eat. My wife's birthday is coming up soon...and it will be a day out for her.


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