Monday, October 15, 2012

A 1,250 Problem Homework Assignment

Song:  The Story In Your Eyes

Group:  The Moody Blues

Alex received a homework assignment in his Math Competition class.

The students were to log in to a math competition site today (world wide)
(they were just given their passwords today at school)
and their goal was to get into the top one hundred competitors by 9 P.M.
(Hall Of Fame...needs 14,000 points...he did 2,500 points at school...
the normal competition is 2 days long...but they had to do it in far less time).

In order to do so, Alex had to do at least 1,250 math problems in 4 hours and 35 minutes
(they are worth 10 points each...and the practice contest resets at 9 P.M.).

The problems are arranged in five categories:

Ratios and Relationships
The Number System
Number and Integer Sense
Expressions and Equations
Statistics and Geometry

These were all relatively easy...
the goal was for quick calculation...
so Alex just had to do them quickly in his head.

There were, of course, no points awarded for incorrect answers.

As he didn't get home from school until 3:45 P.M. and he still had to complete
his other school homework before he started this assignment...
he couldn't start until 4:25 P.M..

He ended up eating supper behind his computer.

He took a bite...
worked some problems while he chewed...
took another bite...chewed...worked more problems...etc.

His teacher assigned this homework as a warmup.

For the next two days at school...
he will be doing the competition (starts tomorrow) on line at school...
all day long (no other classes).

By the time 9 P.M. rolled around Alex had only gotten a little over 10,000 points...
(over 1,000 problems)
not enough for the Hall of Fame (but then again...he only had 5 hours and 35 minutes
total work time instead of the many hours everyone else in the world had.
This was just a warm up drill for the next two days).

Alex still finished at the top for the participating students in his class for today.

Alex is looking forward to the next two days.

Before he started this exercise...
he said he was excited...
although he didn't really have to say this...
I had seen the anticipation in his eyes.

He is hungry for competition.

I was happy to see this.

He still has the tiger, the competitor, in him...
the story, of which, shows in his eyes.


  1. I'll bet Alex really enjoyed this assignment more than some of the other ones he's had this year. It takes quite a bit of endurance and mental focus to do so many problems, but I think Alex could have done this all day if he had the chance.

  2. He will be doing it for the next two days at school...all day long. He enjoys doing this sort of thing.


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