Friday, October 12, 2012

Alex's Short Constitutional Essay / Dinner At The Oyster Bar

Song:  Battle Hymn Of The Republic / America The Beautiful Medley

Rendition:  Cafo1972

Alex completed his final draft of a paper in which he had to 
express what he would say to the Founding Fathers were it possible.

This was an extra credit exercise for his English class...
but his Social Studies teacher said he would also give extra credit for it
for any child who completed it.

It had to be 300 words minimum...
and 400 words maximum.

I told Alex to look in his book on the Constitution and the Bill of Rights...
and to pick out the material he needed to complete this assignment.

My input was very little in this exercise.

This paper was almost all Alex's effort.

I had merely done some minor corrections in his final draft.

we went to our favorite Casino (Atlantis) to eat.

The Oyster Bar is located adjacent to the Skyway Sushi Bar.

We could also order Sushi while seated here.

On Friday and Saturday nights...
this restaurant also stays open until midnight.

Alex on his iPad 3.

Alex really enjoys his iPad.

His favorite game app is School of Magic 3.

I am also playing it on my iPad.
Alex is being attacked unfairly by much higher ranks in one particular group...
so I restarted this game to build up a character to attack this particular group.

I changed my character name so I could go in stealth mode...
to build myself quietly until I start my unrelenting attacks on them.

Nobody unjustifiably attacks my son...not even in a virtual world.

Through the might of my sword and the raw power of my devastating spells...
there shall be hell to pay  :)

My wife had ordered Jambalaya, and some Sushi
(I had eaten most of the was too spicy for her...
I thought it was just right.  It was the BEST Jambalaya I have ever had.)

I had ordered the 1 lb.  3 crab dish (King, Dungeness, and Snow crab).

Alex had the far plate of Sushi...and my wife had the near plate.

Alex had a Key Lime Tart for dessert.

My wife had a Fruit Tart.

I had a Carrot Cake.

Alex eating his Tart.

This was another excellent restaurant.

We will be returning soon.
There are so many dishes I wish to try here.

Tomorrow (Saturday)...
Alex shall complete the rough draft of his comparative analysis
of two historical events (Pearl Harbor and 9/11)...
and we will be setting up his Science Experiment.


  1. Alex has come a long way with his writing. Nice job!

    You all have been going to some really awesome restaurants! I thought that jambalaya looked so tasty, then the saw the photo of the incredible crab dish, and then I could not believe how enticing that sushi looked. All the desserts looked delicious as well. You've made me very hungry! :)

  2. I love seeing how much Alex improves with each paper written.

    There are so many more restaurants for us to explore. It is the part of our adventure that we particularly relish. We especially love to combine a nice scenic outdoors adventure with a culinary one.


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