Thursday, October 4, 2012

Alex's Completed Roller Coaster Report

Song:  Dreams and Starlight

Artist:  David Nevue

Alex finished the very last component of his roller coaster project...
the report.

This project was the most labor intensive one he has done so far.

One of Alex's graphs on Excel.

Alex input raw data gathered from his test runs...
graphed them, and then completed his report.

As you can see...
I added lightning bolts and flying trees to the maelstrom (Tornado).

We also attached the legend to the project
(short story of Dragon's Flight).

There is even a rock in the right most portion of the pond where it meets the falls...
where the marble (Fire Dragon) ends up (rests his head).

His actual report will be handed in with this project on Monday.

Below is his completed report.
I've included everything minus the graphs.

I wanted to show the structure of this report to help out all those
parents who will be soon doing such projects with their children.

We have more projects in the working and more on the way...
but as for now...
Alex may relax.

We are going to 6 Flags this weekend (in CA) as part of Alex's school trip.

It was arranged by one of his Math teachers (the one who assigned this project)...
so the children may experience a real roller coaster.

Alex certainly deserves it.
We shall be going as chaperones...
yes...helicopter parents strike again  :)


  1. I continue to be impressed by your dedication to your son and your son's stamina for such intricate projects! It appears as though these are wonderfulbonding moments for you and I don't know if many other parents would feel the same way! Enjoy the trip ;)

  2. Thank you. I love seeing my son grow in so many ways. Whenever we work on a project together...I get a greater glimpse into the inner workings of Alex's mind. I can then gauge where he is his development...which then tells me on which areas we need focus on. In my next article...I will describe our CA trip (we just got back).


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