Friday, October 12, 2012

Alex's Assignment: Design Your Own Test

Song:  Walking In The Air

Rendition:  Calikokat

Alex's class was given an assignment in his Social Studies class.

Each child had to design their own test on the material they had covered on that day.

Alex loves doing this sort of assignment.

Of course, the teacher knows that one of the best ways for someone to learn
is to have to teach the material...
or to have to know it so well that they could design a test.

Alex got right to work with this assignment without hesitation.

He finished it up in a short period of time...
and he was so proud.

Alex's Social Studies teacher is very involved in his teaching.

He puts a lot of thought into every assignment.

Alex is also working on a short essay...
"What you would tell the Founding Fathers".

He finished his rough draft last night...
and he will complete his final draft tonight.

Alex is receiving a lot of quality education at his school
(Coral Academy Of Science).

I am frequently impressed with their focus on the main components of education.

Their assignments sometimes come in fast and heavy...
but this is what shall prepare him for higher education.

While this assignment was relatively easy...
many are very time consuming and research intensive.

With each new assignment...
he shall become stronger.

That is the whole meaning of learning.


  1. Ha, Alex came up with a great test. He must have really enjoyed coming up with a test instead of taking one, though, like you say, the teacher was very smart in giving this assignment knowing the students would learn the material so well.

  2. Yes, Alex was all smiles when he was making up this test. He usually makes up instruction manuals for video games. Alex wants more homework such as this in the future.


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