Monday, October 8, 2012

Alex On A School Outing At Six Flags

Song:  Only Good Times

Artists:  Keola and Kapono Beamer

It was only about 3.5 hours to Vallejo, CA to Six Flags.

One of Alex's math teachers arranged a class outing here so the children could 
experience a real roller coaster.

No...Alex didn't go on the lime green roller coaster (Medusa).

No...Alex didn't go on this one either (Superman).

Alex went on the rotating swing.

Alex first went on this kiddie roller coaster.

The man in the red shirt was the father of the boy who is next to Alex.
He chaperoned both of them for the day.

Alex wanted to just be with some of the children without my wife, or I, hovering.

So we just hovered from a distance for a while  :)

The father was very nice.  He took them on all of the rides...
until Alex experienced his first real roller coaster (Kong)...
and then Alex didn't wish to ride them anymore  :)

This boy next to Alex has been watching out for Alex ever since Alex started 
at the school.  He is not only very bright...he is exceptionally mature 
and he has such a good nature.

He and Alex played and talked all day long.

The orange and tan roller coaster was Kong...
Alex's first...and probably...his last...
real roller coaster.

Alex said he had kept his eyes closed almost the whole time  :)

My wife, and I, shadowed them for a little while...
then we just walked around the park and waited
(on call in case there was a problem...there wasn't one).

We met up with the group half way through the day for a check in of all the children...
and then they, once again, were free to roam (with their chaperones) until dusk.

My wife, and I, just hung around the park until the day was done...
and no...we didn't go on any rides.

Alex with some of his classmates.

His Math teacher is in the black sweat shirt.

Alex said he had a great time.

Just a few years ago...
the stimuli would have proven to be too much.

This time...
he fully enjoyed himself.

He was a lot more independent.
He said wanted his autonomy from the beginning...
which is good.  

He enjoyed himself with the other children all day long.

We stayed at a hotel overnight.
The next morning we went to San Francisco for only 3 purposes...

1)  To ride the Rocket Boat in the bay
(a high performance boat - 50 mph turns).  

We arrived to find out they weren't operating that day...
as there was a sailboat regatta in the bay.  We will have to ride it another day.  :(

2)  Eat some Japanese food at the Japan Center.

3)  Do some Japanese grocery shopping there also.

While Reno has some good Sushi...
there aren't any complete Japanese food restaurants.

Alex had the Seafood Udon.

My wife, and I, had the Beef Shabu-Shabu.

The food was so good.  I had stuffed myself so much...
I was full until after midnight.

Outside, there was some kind of Cos-play mini festival.

We left early to go back home after our grocery shopping.

Alex took a big step in being independent at Six Flags...
so the trip was a big success...even if the Rocket Boat wasn't operating.

In a few hours...
I will be taking Alex to school.  
I will be dropping off his Roller Coaster project.

I am anticipating seeing what the other children had done for theirs.

I will try to take some photos of the other projects.

I expect to see some real imaginative roller coasters.


  1. My son wants to spend all of his time with me or my wife that I wonder if he will ever want to just be with other kids and have us so close. When that day comes, though, I am sure I will have a mix of emotions... happy that he wants to be independent, but probably feeling a bit melancholy that his childhood may be nearing an end. But I am sure you felt mostly good thoughts seeing Alex step out like this.

  2. This was Alex's first time to want to be with his school friends without us being there. It is a very good sign. I was very glad to see it. He really enjoyed being with the others. Although it is a little sad to see him grow so quickly...he is headed in the right I am glad for the direction in which he is headed.


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