Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Day In The Mountains, A Day At The Park

Song:  Legends Of The Fall Theme

We had our first snowfall of the season a few days ago.

Although it was just a light dusting of snow which had fallen...
it was nice to, once again, see snow.

Alex completing one of his projects for school.

Alex had two projects to finish before the following week.

He had worked all day and into the night (till 10 P.M.) for two nights straight...
so he could finish them before the we were planning to visit the 
mountains that Saturday...and he had one other assignment to complete on Sunday.

On Saturday...
we took a drive to Truckee and then on to Donner Lake and Pass.
There was only a light dusting of the mountains a few days prior...
however, the snow hadn't melted so much over the few days since.

Alex had fun playing in the snow for a short while.

We then took a short drive back to Reno...
where we went to a park which runs along the Truckee River in Reno.

 The house in the background was well landscaped.

It was just after we had taken this picture that we arrived at our minivan 
only to find that it wouldn't start due to some electrical malfunction
(the battery was still good...some kind of short in the wiring somewhere).

I had to call for a tow to an auto repair facility while we walked a couple of miles 
to a Casino to eat dinner and enjoy the rest of our night.

This is the backyard of the well landscaped home.
The owner had planted beautiful trees in his yard...
and had incorporated nice walkways...
a smaller homelet and an office shed in his backyard.

We then went to Circus Circus Casino to try another restaurant.
We were just waiting here at this small sports bar and eatery until our seating was ready 
in a Sushi restaurant just beyond this one.

While the Sushi was good...
my favorite is still Sky Terrace Sushi at the Atlantis Casino.

After dinner we stopped by an ice cream store for dessert.

At Circus Circus Casino...
there is a mini arcade area where Alex had some fun.

After Alex had enjoyed his time at the arcade...
we caught a taxi home.

I have only ridden in a cab a few times in my life.
I am amazed at how expensive they are.

Hopefully, our car won't be too long in the shop.
I will find out come Monday.

These things happen...
and we didn't allow it to ruin our night
(I was happy it hadn't happened in the Sierra Nevadas).

Just as in life...
you do what you can do in adversity...
you don't worry about things you cannot control
(other than to properly plan for such adversities)...
and you extract from life...
that which you can.

While things may fail you...
you must never fail yourself
(Yes...the old lemonade out of lemons type of thinking).

Post note:  The result of the online nationwide speed math result...
Alex had not only made the top 100...
Alex had finished 15th in the nation
(two day online at school competition involving
thousands of easy math problems in a set time period).

Not bad.
Alex is fast...
but his forte is higher math understanding...
and not easy math speed calculation.


  1. You had the perfect amount of snow... just enough to make the mountains look even more beautiful, but not enough to make the driving difficult.

    Love the landscaped lot with the cute homelet. I never saw something like that. Great idea!

    It's nice that Alex still likes to get close to you while walking. Very adorable.

    Wow! Super achievement by Alex to finish 15th in the nation on that math test! Elite performance!

  2. It is funny. Alex is at that age where he is conscious of others and what they may think of him. At his school, Alex sometimes hesitates to walk hand in hand (perfectly understandable). He will let go of my hand when other children are near when I pick him up...but he often reconnects after a second or two.

    Alex enjoys tests...especially when they are competitions of almost any sort. He just loves doing well...and he knows that we won't be disappointed in him if he doesn't do so well. We know that he works hard...and he knows that we know it. We just look at it as a way to identify places in need of more attention. Thank you for the kudos for Alex. I will pass it on to him.

  3. What beautiful pictures!! They show wonderful scenery and a great father son relationship!

  4. Thank you. It is our relationship which I treasure the most. I simply love taking him places, to see new sights and to experience new experiences.


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