Sunday, September 23, 2012

Once A Month Math Day Camp

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Alex's Math Competition teacher has organized a once a month special "Day Camp".

It takes place at the school and on a Saturday.

The camp focuses on competition math problems 
while interspersing the day with food and fun.

Today's "Day Camp" was a special half day. 
 It was the first "Day Camp" so it was just from 10 AM to 2 PM.

The others are going from 9 AM to 5 PM.

As we hadn't known the number of children in attendance for this first day...
we supplied extra bagels for their lunch
(other parents supplied other food items).

Alex in his school uniform.
We hadn't realized that this is a special informal math day.
In the future, he may just attend in his regular clothes.

Alex had fun at his Math Day Camp.

The teacher structured dedicated problem solving sessions with exercise and fun 
 between each session to keep their energy and interest levels up.

She wants to keep it fun for the children.

They are also preparing for a MathCounts Reel Math Challenge.

The children are to make a video with a math theme and enter it into
a contest.  One of the other parents is going to be in charge of the project.

The winner of last year's competition was well done.
It had shown some children faced with a dilemma which was...
of course...solved through the use of math
(the film demonstrated the problem to solve and how it was solved).

It is a national contest.  
It will be interesting to see what they come up with.

Alex's school has afforded him great opportunities.
He loves his twice a week after school AMC 10 course.

Alex was allowed to attend this after school math club because the instructor 
was the same instructor at Alex's week long Math Camp at Lake Tahoe.

They worked on the AMC 10 problems there
and Alex did well on them...
so he knows Alex's capabilities.

As Alex is just in the beginning stages of his Math competitions...
and he has plenty of time to learn more...
we foresee a great time for him in the future.

He loves taking tests and doing competitions.
He likes getting on stage to perform.

Alex is so brave in these type of situations.

Alex is a true Tiger.

He takes on challenges and works towards his goals.

Although I have much to teach him about life...
he is well on his way to being a much better person than I have ever been...
in all respects.

This is the duty of every parent...
to improve the next generation.

So long as Alex can always view beyond the horizon...
he will be able to find new happiness...
in either adapting to his surroundings...
changing the situation to adapt to him...
or in changing his surroundings...
 so he may never have to suffer
the mind numbing effects of stagnation.

To have Alex reach his true potential...
to have him thoroughly love life...
this is my dream to see to fruition...
one Alex moment at a time.

I will have a message to young couples in my next article
(some may assume me being rather arrogant to put forth such an article.
All I can say is that if you truly knew would not assume such a thing....
you would thoroughly know it  :)


  1. It must be very heartwarming to see Alex so eagerly and thoroughly enjoy all of his advanced math challenges. He really is quite a tiger.

  2. Yes...he is such a pleasure to see in daily life as he leads himself through his studies. I am so proud of him.

  3. What amazing confidence he must be gaining (and seen in his father) to take on and succeed in these challenging situations! That is something that we struggle with in our home. I am currently frustrated when my son wants to do the bare minimum and take the easiest options despite his many abilities. He declares that it is "not fair" and that we are "mean" and I try to explain that if I expected only a small portion offense I know that he can achieve...that would be "mean" and unjust.

  4. I know how very fortunate we were to have ABA in home therapy (35-40 hrs a week) for years from when he was 3 years old. The staff was just tremendous. We often watched from a video monitor downstairs during the sessions. We picked up seamlessly on the followthrough. I think they had made all the difference...along with our follow through. It was through their kindness and genuine interaction with him...almost 8 hours every weekday...that gave him a deep trust in others and in his love of learning (my wife also played a major role at that time...I was working a lot of hours then).

    I also impressed early on the results of hedonistic actions in life (this may sound mean...but it was effective)...I took him around to the seedy side of town (driving)...he saw the drunks sleeping against buildings...the beggars on the streets...I made it a point to show their unhappiness and the most probable cause of their misery. It all starts with a choice to not have good study habits...which often times leads to dropping out of school...which leads to no happiness...until all their is left is short term pleasures at the expense of long term ones. I also showed him examples of those who had good study habits...and the happiness of their lives thereafter. I would point to planes in the sky and say that he could be a pilot...with good study habits...etc. Real life examples like this often reverberate in they know that they must provide a living for their families...or even for themselves.


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