Monday, September 24, 2012

Alex's Roller Coaster Project - Stage I

Song:  Hummingbird

Artist:  George Winston

Alex has another project to do...this one is for one of his Math classes
(two of his Math teachers specialize in Physics).

He will have to complete his Historical Comparative Analysis report this weekend.
By next weekend, all of his science project material should be in.
We will get the experiment up and running so he could start his data collection...
and then we will get this project tackled...
hopefully before another project comes our way :)

He must not only research information with cites and a hypothesis
on the predicted forces in play on a roller coaster...
he must build an actual working model of one only from
a paper product and glue or tape...
complete with loops and curves...etc.
(A paper roller coaster?  Well, cardboard is a paper product.
That should provide rigidity....allowing us to build the supporting 
structural posts and struts with far fewer pieces of paper product.
The track will be relatively simple...except whenever it turns or loops :(
and Guerrilla Tape should bond it well :)

A marble will have to complete at least 20 circuits with appropriate data recorded
on transit times and any methods used to speed the transit times...
including increasing height of drops...
tightening curves or loops...etc.
(I don't have all the details on it yet.  I don't know if we will have to make it
self running using a motor or not).

He will then have to compile his data and present it
along with a working demonstration of his marble roller coaster.

Alex just got assigned this project today.
He said he didn't remember if the Hypothesis...
 Research and Cite paper was due tomorrow or on Monday...sheeesh!

So he had to finish his normal homework first and then he completed 
the initial part of his project just a little while ago...just in case.

He ended up missing an hour and a half of sleep time in order to do this.

On this paperwork...
Alex did all of the research and citing...
and he typed up his draft... in a few hours
(he is getting more the future it will take him far less time).

He then let me know he was finished.
I did just a little bit of editing...a few corrections...
almost everything was his efforts and wording.

I was surprised.
He has improved so much in his writing skills.
He says he now enjoys essays and reports much more
(of course...he is getting much better at it with all of this practice :)

His reading comprehension is usually pretty good if the material is logical.

He has a more difficult time discerning human affairs...
intent or emotional responses...
but he is also improving in that department.

Alex just now went to bed.

He ended up falling asleep on the sofa while finishing up his daily English 
reading assignment.  I woke him up and tried to usher him off to bed.
He was a little grumpy but he said he wanted 
to finish his reading synopsis before going to bed 
(he always wants to finish what he starts).

After brushing and flossing his teeth...
he came in... in a much better mood...
and gave me a big goodnight hug.

I told him how well he had done today.
He gave me a big smile...
and went to bed
(time 11 P.M.).

I think he will remember to bring back all of the details of his assignment next time  :)

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