Monday, September 17, 2012

Alex's Acceptance to SET (Study Of Exceptional Talent)

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We just received Alex's formal acceptance letter as a
Johns Hopkins University Study Of Exceptional Talent (SET) new member.

SET accepts applications from around the world...
although it is chiefly known in the U.S.
(to qualify for SET... a child must score at least 700 on the math or verbal 
SAT (College Entrance Exam) before the age of 13...Alex did it at 11 years old).

There were a total of 70 new recruits for this quarter year
(one from Hong from South Korea also).

Alex's picture and a small caption describing a little about him is included
in the pictured newsletter (Alex's acceptance letter is the middle paper).

This picture is of Alex in his Coral Academy of Science uniform 
that SET used for this newsletter.

One minor mistake in the caption.
Alex had placed in the top eight for Northern Nevada...
we don't know how he placed over all
(there was a competition for the North and one for the South).

Alex competed as a 6th grader (his first math competition)
against mostly seasoned veterans on a three week notice
(it was an open competition from grades 6 - 8 against one another...
many of the top competitors were 8th graders and in their third competition).

Alex pointing out his picture in the newsletter.

Alex excitedly reading his caption.

Alex reading some of the other captions.

Alex loves learning and doing well.

He always feels honored whenever his efforts are recognized.

He gets filled with true earned pride and this helps motivate him even more.

I must point out once again...
while Alex has done well in his academics...
he, in no way, has an elitist attitude.

He knows there are plenty of smart children in the world...
and that it is his study habits that play a pivotal role in his successes.

He also knows that children who are academically average now...
can easily overtake him in academics, and in life, should he lose his focus and drive.

It is the drive to excel which separates people later in life...
more than any other attribute.

This is what our main focus has always been.

By stimulating his drive to excel through positive reinforcement 
of all of his positive attributes and true accomplishments...
he developed a love of learning...which, in turn, engendered his drive.


  1. It is very apparent that Alex really does have a love of learning. Good going to you all for instilling that from a young age!

  2. It is one of the key components to happiness in life. It is one of the prime lessons parents must strive to instill from the very youngest of ages.

  3. Shiroi-you must be SO proud! It is also quite obvious that his success is in large part to his parents dedication!

  4. It is mostly due to his dedication. He loves to learn. We had also started him from the beginning with good study habits. It is a simple recipe...but a dish which takes constant care and which takes a long time to cook.


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