Sunday, September 9, 2012

Alex At The Reno Balloon Festival - II

Video of the day mass lift off.

The first part of video is where we watched the lift off from.

The second portion is when we were leaving and Alex was counting 
the number of visible balloons in the sky.

The whole event from nighttime burn to the conclusion of the mass lift off
was but 3 total hours.  This event was well coordinated.

We watched the sunrise and made our way to a better viewing point
for the daytime mass lift off.

We had chosen a hillside to sit and view the balloons.

The balloons starting their inflation process.

The first balloons start to take off.

The Darth Vader Balloon.

Two of the most unusually shaped balloons in the lift off.

A strawberry balloon.

Alex attempting to count all of the airborne balloons.

we went to our favorite Casino for a very nice breakfast.

The Atlantis has many restaurants we have yet to try.
This was their 24 hour cafe - The Purple Parrot.

They have a large variety of very good food.

What a beautiful morning we had.

Reno has so many things going on year round.

If you ever have a chance to go to a Hot Air Balloon event...
it is a must see.  What a great time we had there today.

This was a day to remember.

When we got home...
as we had gotten up very early...
we each had taken a nap until the afternoon.

Alex, and I, then started on his Social Science paper
 on his creation of a civilization (which is due next week).

It is more involved than I had expected.

I will be showing his completed report a little later on
( he is only halfway done as of now).


  1. Amazing! I loved that there were so many different balloons. I laughed out loud at Darth Vader looking menacingly at that stage coach. Great photos!

  2. The balloons were just so much fun to see floating above. The whole event was free...well done...a whole new experience...just 10 minutes from home...a great breakfast later. What can I say but...WOW...what a perfect morning.

  3. Shiroi-
    I love how your photos complete your story! My favorite picture is when Darth Vader begins to lift above the rest. What am amazing sight! It is clear that this was a wonderful father and son experience!

  4. Don't forget my wife...she was taking the pictures :)

    It was a tremendous family affair. I was so glad we had gone to this event. It was such a magical morning. If there are any such events near is a must go experience.


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