Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Strength / Conditioning / Skill Training V - Core

Song:  As Tears Go By

Rendition:  Calikokat

A lot of emphasis has been put on core training lately.

Just think of it as the great supporting and stabilizing muscles
which tie in the lower to the upper body and allowing the application
of force in a synchronous fashion.

The muscles of the core also go a long way toward protecting 
the vital organs of the torso.

The abdominals, the back, and side of the torso all have a number
of these very important muscles.

The proper exercise of these muscles is as much for injury prevention and posture
as they are to transmit and amplify force throughout the body.

The Incline Sit Up...
nothing exercises the overall abdominals better.

Alex twists to both sides with each rep.

I have him cross his arms in front of his chest as he will be holding a weight
during this exercise on his powerlifting days.

The elbows being on the outside of the knees during the rotation portions 
is also an indicator of having twisted far enough.

The incline leg lifts exercise more than just the abdominals.

They also stimulate the Serratus Anterior muscles...
 the Intercostal Muscles...and the Latissimus Dorsi.

These muscles, among other functions...
help the body to function as one unit by solidifying the torso.

As Alex progresses...
he will switch to body lifts.

Instead of a curling motion...
the body will be on one plane with the pivot point being the traps.

The Pull Up

A great pulling exercise for the upper body.

As Alex cannot do one yet...
I have him practice holding the upper most position
while I support most of his weight...
and I have him slowly lower himself.

Hyperextensions exercise, primarily, the lower back....
an area of great importance...
and of frequent injury.

Alex will be holding a weight to his chest while doing these.

In my next article...
which will be the last installment for this series...
I will cover Alex's Skill Training.

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