Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Strength / Conditioning / Skill Training IV - Strength

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A more full explanation of Strength Training is from a previous article.

The below strength exercises are not all done in one day.

An example of his actual weekly schedule is here:

Alex preparing to Deadlift.

The Deadlift exercises most of the largest muscles of the body.

As this is a pure strength building exercise...
his reps will be low (3) and the sets medium (5).

His rep and set build up will be slow to allow his body to fully adapt.

He will always be lifting within his comfortable capacity (under his max output).

Alex preparing to lift.

Alex at almost full extension.

Alex lowering the bar after full extension.

Alex preparing to Bench Press.

The Bench Press exercises most of the largest upper body pushing muscles.

Alex near the bottom most position.

Alex completing one full rep.

Alex doing a Partial One Hand Deadlift.
The partial because he only lifts it up 1" or so...
as this lift is designed to thoroughly exercise the grip.

Alex at full extension.

Alex doing the Bent Over Rows.
This exercise exercises the back muscles...
the largest of the upper body pulling muscles.

with limited time to devote to physical training...
I had to design his program to achieve a balance of 
the basic physical attributes necessary for health 
and to prepare him for the rigors of being a young man.

The great value for Spectrum Children lies in the strengthening
of their neurological pathways.   

Their brain often has deficient signal strength to the muscles...
resulting in a weakness of muscular output.

Strength training greatly improves the signal strength...
and gives them total body coordination.

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