Monday, August 20, 2012

Strength / Conditioning / Skill Training II - Workout Schedule

Song:  Heart Of The Sunrise

Group:  Yes

First I wish to explain the significance of this song...
the great role that it had played in my early life.

In 1972... 
my elder sister had bought this album (Fragile)...
and I loved but one song from it...
Heart of the Sunrise...
and love it I did.

For some reason...
a couple of years later, as I had started taking my physical training with dead seriousness 
(I was involved in some very strenuous skill and stamina training)
...this song kept playing in my head.

I had started running (about 5 miles) in the morning before school (about 5 A.M.)
(to supplement my evening skill / stamina training)...
along a nearby river bank which had meandered past tomato fields and orchards.

I remember running in the dark and watching as the dark gave way to the early twilight
of dawn.  The tomato fields had a low light fog over them and emanated the delicious
fragrance particular to fresh tomato plants.

Anyway...this song had played in my head during the runs.
It was of such great meaning to me that, until I had conditioned myself enough
to run without pain...I kept telling myself that to give up and walk...
even for a portion of my run...
would be to betray my goals... this great song...and even the sunrise itself  :)

the reason I tell this to you is to impress the importance of psychological
preparedness before embarking on an endeavor which involves great commitment.

Know the goal...the path necessary to achieve it...
 search for ways to motivate yourself...
and never lose sight of them.

Throughout my life...
there has always been great music that really speaks to my soul.

I latch on to it and let it take me to places I had initially thought to be unachievable.

As the music of the mind plays...
the beat driving you forward...
the movie of the mind plays uninhibited.

You are performing your task with ease...
you are defeating great beasts one after the other without fear or tiring.

It is actually called visualization and it is a form of self hypnosis.
It is very common among many performers of the arts and physical arenas.
You constantly achieve success in your mind as you rehearse your moves flawlessly...
and through strengthen your drive, passion, and ambition.

So when your child speaks of is to be encouraged.

He is forming the basis for great happiness later in life.

now on to Alex's Physical Training Schedule

( I will be explaining each exercise in later articles...
this article demonstrates a basic exercise schedule...
one which incorporates the basis for strength, conditioning, and skill...
in a time efficient scheduling of events).








This is a basic layout of the exercises.

What you would also include is the sets and reps.

As each would be different for each person...
I didn't include them here.

Also, this is for a well rounded physical goal within one hour or so.

Alex's endurance and skill will be gotten by higher reps and sets
of his bag work...and grappling.

Alex's strength will be gotten through his powerlifting.

Alex's stamina will be gotten through not only his bag work...
but through the conditioning of his high rep squats and the farmer's walk.

In future articles...
I will show pictures of Alex performing each exercise...
and I will give an example of reps and sets to start with.


  1. I'm sure you are glad to be resuming Alex's physical training. I truly admire how you have instilled as much discipline and motivation into his physical training as you have in his academic work. All of you are to be commended.

  2. Thank you. Physical training is an important part of life. It affects so much of everything else in life. The quantity and quality of the physical, emotional, and the intellectual.

  3. I like running along a river bank. It's so much fun compared to running on a treadmill (I don't like it).

    One of the impressive words when I read your blog is "self drive." I think you want to let Alex know the importance of self drive, and you are going to teach him the necessity of "self hypnosis" in a sense. It's so important, especially when we do exercise.

    Anyway, I'm sorry but I wanna tell to you one thing. Alex need to take a rest! :D

  4. Don't worry...I will build Alex up slowly. I believe in "Train...not Strain". Step by step...each one allowing growth to take place before the next one is taken. Alex says he feels so much better after working out and taking a shower before his studies. With more exercise...he sleeps earlier...and sleeps deeper...allowing greater rest. See... perfect :)

  5. This is so much more than i needed!!! but will all come in use thanks!!
    Hypnosis training

  6. Thank you. There are many more important concepts in my later articles. There are important feedback loops, that when properly stimulated, can make great a great difference in a person's life.


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