Friday, August 10, 2012

Paul Corby - Fighting For A Heart

Song:  Quest For Freedom

Group:  Future World Music

(I had chosen to replay this song as it is Paul Corby's Quest for the freedom to live)

First read the above article... and then come back.

This book was written by Paul Corby...
the Autistic young man being denied a heart transplant.

It is on sale at Amazon for $6.95.

I bought one and I shall keep it as a reminder of a young man 
born with a defective heart...yet one who has an emotional heart of purity.

This book is a story of friendship...and a battle of good against evil.
It is perfect for Elementary school students.

The below link is to an electronic signature signing of a petition for Paul Corby...
to try to get him his transplant.

Society (as well as a person) is measured by how well 
it takes care of the innocent and of the truly helpless.

I have bought his book...I have signed his petition...
I am spreading the word.

It is not enough to merely think good thoughts...
you must do good things.

take a few moments to do as I have done.

Take a stand against intellectual tyranny by the self proclaimed elitists
trying to determine fitness to live merely through a diagnosis of Autism.

It is not just for Paul Corby's future for which you fight...
but for the future of all of your children...
and for the very soul of this nation.

We simply MUST take care of our own.

If we allow factors not of the person's doing to determine his fitness to live...
then none of us are safe.

The aged are next...
as well as those of lesser status...
as deemed so by the lesser human beings.

It is not for glory...
it is not for vengeance....
it is for the pure of heart that I gladly fight.


  1. Dear 白いとら

    I tried to find his book in Amazon but could not make it.
    And I tried to sign it but could not make it either ,
    because maybe I am Japanese.
    I am useless.


  2. Thank you for trying. Many things are different in our two countries. I am sure the author hadn't published the book in Japanese...and so, Amazon Japan would not carry it. I am sure the petition is limited to the US as it is a plea to the President. Your heart was good...your attempt was real...that is always useful. Thank you again.

  3. It is disheartening to think that my son would be denied a fair chance at a transplant, that he would be thought of as being less worthy than others because of his autism. And it is even sadder to think that this likely is not an isolated case.

  4. I am amazed that in an age where people abuse themselves and are considered "victims" of a disease...that the truly innocent would be looked down upon. It is material fit for "Through the Looking Glass".

  5. Shocking!! I signed and shared on Facebook. I'm hoping many others do the same!!

  6. Thank you. I can't imagine what the mother is going through.

  7. Please, don't take this the wrong way, but... I'm wondering how many people are actually buying his book because they're interested in the book, if everyone's just doing it because he's sick. I'm a writer, myself, and personally, I feel like it's wrong to buy a book just because the writer is in the news for being denied a heart transplant. It may be a generous act, but as soon as he gets that transplant, the attention will go away. Maybe everyone else feels different, but I think sales should be about the book, not the writer. So if anyone bought the book just to show support, please actually read it. Judge it like you would any other book. When I write my books, I put everything I have into them, trying to make a good book that people will read, and remember for years to come. I wouldn't want people to buy my books out of mere pity. To do so is to make them into a little plaque saying "I'm sorry for the author". Books are meant to be so much more. They're meant to last far beyond the author. To take life of their own and inspire people. Please, think about what you're really doing here. Somehow, this guy will get his new heart. He'll live long past the time that we all forget about him. I don't want him to look back and say "they only bought it because I was sick". To see those sales and think you're going to be a "real writer" and then have it all ripped away... it could (figuratively) break his heart. So if you're going to buy the book, please treat it as a book.
    As for the actual transplant, I don't think Autism is a good reason to deny someone a transplant. I don't know much about his case, but Autism shouldn't make the difference between getting a heart and not getting one.
    Really, this kid could be a brilliant writer, and I think we all owe it to him to give him a chance to be known for his writing, not just being denied a transplant. Like Paul, I have a mental disorder. Just ADHD, but it's a pretty bad case. And I used to have a sensory disorder that made me incapable of telling the difference between a friendly tap on the shoulder and a punch. And a speech disorder. You get picked on for that kind of stuff. It can make life really hard. And I've made mistakes. Acted in rage, and depression. Done a lot of things I'm not proud of. But everything I've done, every mistake, I've learned from. It's because of my problems, my rough times, that I can write stuff people like. I have a unique writing style because of what I've been through. Nobody writes the way I do, because nobody has lived my life. And I'm sure Paul's writing is just as unique. And it deserves a chance to be admired as writing. I want him to get more than just a heart. I want him to have a jumpstart on his path to success. Pity will fade, but admiration of good quality writing will last. So please, let him be a writer, not just a sick kid.

  8. I do hear you. Actually, in the book, there were some grammatical errors. The story is written for young children...and so, it is not to be judged as you would judge a professional writer. The goal here is not to promote his book...but to buoy him until he may get a new heart.

    If he wishes to pursue his avenue of being an author...yes, he has a lot to learn. However, the way in which the story was written tells a lot about the author. He has a pure outlook in life. The point was to illustrate the emotional heart that lies within Paul Corby. That is the real story.

  9. One last must remember...he is fighting for his LIFE...not for a profession.


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